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Hollow hole hydraulic cylinder for sale

2020-09-10 11:06:39

Hollow hole hydraulic cylinder for sale
Hollow hole hydraulic cylinder for sale is a kind of light and small lifting equipment which uses the rigid lifting parts as the working device to lift the heavy objects in a small distance through the top bracket or the bottom bracket.
Hollow hole hydraulic jack is a double-acting jack that uses double hydraulic cylinders to stretch prestressed tendons and press anchors. Hollow jacks are suitable for tensioning anchors with steel bar bundles or steel stranded wire bundles. With supporting feet and tie rods, they can also be used as tie rod jacks for tensioning screw end rod anchors and upsetting anchors.

hollow hole hydraulic cylinder

Center hole hydraulic jacks are light and small lifting equipment that use rigid lifting parts as working devices to lift heavy objects in a small stroke through top brackets or bottom claws. Jacks are widely used in heavy vehicles or mobile equipment to support the weight of the equipment and adjust Important hydraulic components of equipment level. Jack is the simplest lifting equipment with small lifting height (less than 1m). The hollow hole hydraulic jack we often see uses this principle to achieve force transmission.
The most basic principle based on the hollow hole hydraulic cylinder is the Pascal principle, that is, the pressure across the liquid is the same. In this way, in a balanced system, the pressure exerted on the smaller piston is lower, and the larger piston is exerted The pressure is also relatively large, which can keep the liquid still. Therefore, through the transfer of liquid, different pressures on different ends can be obtained, so that a transformation can be achieved. The hydraulic jack that we commonly see uses this principle to achieve force transmission. The mechanical principle of the screw jack is that the handle is pulled back and forth, and the pawl is pulled to push the ratchet gap to rotate. The small bevel gear drives the large bevel gear and rotates the lifting screw, so that the lifting sleeve can be raised or lowered to achieve the function of lifting tension . But not as simple as hydraulic jacks.

hollow hole hydraulic jack

Hydraulic hollow jack lifting system turning form construction method: high piers are generally designed as hollow piers in order to reduce their own weight. The high-hollow pier is constructed by turning over formwork, which is composed of formwork, working platform, hanger and lifting equipment. The lifting formwork is recommended to be arranged in two layers, each with a height of 4.0m, with the pier as the main supporting body. The upper template is supported on the lower template and rises alternately. The working platform adopts a space truss structure formed by No. 20 channel steel, and cooperates with the ascending and descending slope hanger to provide a working platform for the pier construction personnel with good stability. The lifting system of the platform adopts hollow hole hydraulic jack for lifting, which has a high degree of automation and good controllability.

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