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Shotcrete machine for swimming pool construction

2020-08-26 11:34:54

Shotcrete machine for swimming pool construction
Most people think that the swimming pool is very simple, it is just a big pool. However, in the hot summer, the swimming pool is arguably one of the greatest inventions of mankind. In fact, ordinary swimming pools use a lot of advanced technology, and the number may far exceed your imagination. Shotcrete pool is the most common type of swimming pool design. It is manufactured with a Shotcrete machine for swimming pool construction, which is very durable and can be made into any shape or size.

shotcrete machine for swimming pool

Our company provides various types of shotcrete machine for pool construction, which are suitable for various projects. Here are two of them. 
GZ-3 shotcrete machine spraying machine/spraying machine/concrete spraying machine is a small shotcrete machine for swimming pool used for dry spraying process. GZ-3 dry shotcrete machine has the following models: Basic: electric drive can be combined with tyre chassis and lengthened (optional): pneumatic motor or diesel drive combined with anti-skid or rail wheel.

shotcrete machine for pool construction

The shotcrete machine for pool construction is widely used in protection projects such as tunnels, culverts, subways, bridges, coal mines, swimming pools, high marsh mines, hydropower projects, underground projects, and construction projects. The shotcrete machine for pool construction can prevent sand and gravel and soil from falling on the inner wall of the tunnel and prevent landslides.

swimming pool shotcrete machine

The swimming pool shotcrete machine has the following advantages:
1. Adopt the non-adhesive flow-through rotor with a new material cavity, which completely eliminates the adhesion and blockage during operation, and reduces the gap and maintenance time.
2. Eddy current thin flow conveying method. Make the jet flow uniform, continuous and stable, and improve the quality of shotcrete.
3. The four-point clamping device makes it easy to adjust the pressure between the sealing plate and the rotor disc, without air and leakage, and prolongs the service life of consumables
4. Mainly used for dry and wet mixtures and steel (polymer) fiber reinforced shotcrete.
GDS1500 wet shotcrete machine is a light-weight shotcrete pump, which is operated by a highly reliable direct drive planetary gearbox and hydraulic power components. This sturdy work horse is better with the improvement that adds a direct drive to the conveyor belt. We have the swimming pool shotcrete machine and gasoline engine, electric motor and diesel engine for you to choose from. Our GDS1500G direct drive uses Honda GX390 power package, which is skid-mounted. Gaodetec Equipment is a swimming pool shotcrete machine supplier and manufacturer of more than 20 wet shotcrete machines. If you need this wet shotcrete machine, please contact us. 

swimming pool shotcrete machine

Gaodetec Co., Ltd. is an excellent company integrating design, production, and sales. Since 2004, 
Gaodetec has been engaged in the design, manufacture and export of various shotcrete machines, grouting pumps, mixers, hose pumps, mortar pumps, etc. In addition, Gaodetec is committed to developing new products to meet customer needs. Provide the necessary technical support and engineering experience required. If you need this wet shotcrete machine, please contact us. 

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