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Hose pump for pumping gold mining slime

2020-11-04 11:47:58

Hose pump for pumping gold mining slime
In today's modern world, mining, important minerals and raw materials are needed every day to maintain normal operations. Mining companies need reliable pumps to meet various demanding tasks to achieve the operation of mining operations. The hose pump used for mine work ranges from transporting sludge through the sewage outlet to feed and chemical neutralization. As a professional hose pump for  production pumping gold mining slime company, Gaodetec has been widely welcomed by customers with its unique design and technical concept. 

hose pump for pumping gold mining slime

The main part of the hose pump for pumping gold mining slime is the hose pump. The hose pump power is 22 KW. The max pressure is 1.0Mpa and the max output is 240 L/min. The principle of the hose pump used for gold mine is: the supplied fluid is stored in a hose or hose inside the pump housing. The actual pump principle is called peristalsis, which draws its contents into and out of the pump based on the alternating compression and relaxation of a hose or tube.

hose pump used for mine

GH89-610C hose pump for pumping gold mining slime can handle the damage to the hose pump caused by abrasive and corrosive fluids used in mining operations. The hose pump used for mine has a longer service life and is more reliable. Since the delivered flow accumulates in the hose, the hose pump is naturally wear-resistant. There are no obstacles in the flow path, which reduces the possibility of mechanical seals, packing and check valves being blocked. You can reduce wear and replace hose pumps. When there is a problem, the hose pump only needs to replace the hose without special tools. The hose pump used for gold mine can save your investment and maintenance costs.

hose pump used for gold mine

1. No seal.
2. No valves
3. Self- priming
4. Only tube to replace
5. Peristaltic pump is easy maintenance, low-cost.

The advantage of our hose pump for pumping gold mining slime is that; first of all, the hose pump can easily pump out grinding fluids such as tailings, metal slurry and thickener underflow. These slurries are not only high in solids, but also in contact with the pump rotor, stator, impeller and seals, causing damage to the pump. The hose pump will not fail due to wear. Second, in the mining industry, water is money, and the less water you use, the better! A lot of water is needed to clean the seals of the pump and to dilute the slurry. The hose pump can pump and dilute the thickened slurry without flushing and sealing. Finally, our hose pumps are suitable for acidic, corrosive and abrasive liquid.
If you have any questions about the product, please contact us, we will answer your questions in detail and provide the corresponding product parameters and quotations. We are a hose pump factory, we can also customize it according to your requirements, welcome your inquiry.

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