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Shotcrete machine equipment support by rockbolt and shotcrete

2017-07-14 18:03:57

Shotcrete machine equipment technical content and integrated to support the development of high-speed, new equipment put human in all fields fusion results came in, along with the materials science, manufacturing process, the progress of information technology, computer technology, each round of the new technology products, spare parts replacement cycle shorter, new equipment and upgrade faster and faster, especially the development of support by rockbolt and shotcrete in large shotcrete machine equipment, no mature experience for reference, and do not allow any mistake design, so must be through the multidisciplinary technology integration, improve the design efficiency and design quality, promote the enterprise independent innovation ability and market competitiveness .Concrete jet equipment in computer technology, network technical support by rockbolt and shotcrete in formation on the basis of the integration of digital development trend.

Shotcrete machine equipment development and technological progress of support by rockbolt and shotcrete, modern science and technology and the overall industrial level, especially the development of mechanical and mining engineering disciplines are closely linked. Modern science and technology has obvious time domain, the domain and the dynamic characteristics. Information science, material science, life science, nano science, management science, and the manufacturing science is changing the mainstream science of the 21st century, the resulting high and new technology and its industry will change the world. Cross the fusion between science will produce new science focus, economic development and social progress of shotcrete support by rockbolt and shotcrete machine equipment in the production of new requirements and expectations. The general direction of mechanical engineering science will be digital, intelligent, cars, miniaturization, life and ecology. Rockbolt and shotcrete machine equipment support as a branch of mechanical engineering disciplines, to follow the general trend of development. At the same time, combining the characteristics of the industry support by rockbolt and shotcrete, and its development trend is digital, intelligent, ecological and pleasant. Rockbolt and shotcrete machine equipment manufacturing support should continue to all areas of outstanding achievements, to adapt to the needs of the development of national economy, under the guidance of scientific concept of development, achieve sustainable development.

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shotcrete machine equipment

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