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The application of DTH rock drilling machine

2019-10-28 11:19:09

Application of DTH rock drilling machine:

Our small quarry blasting down-the-hole rock drilling rig is suitable for small and medium-sized mines and road construction, large-diameter blasthole rock drilling operations in national defense water conservancy and stone works, and is also an indispensable rock drilling equipment for pre-exploration conditions in open pit mines, especially suitable for other drilling vehicles. The bumpy terrain of normal work. DTH rock drilling machine is mainly used for water conservancy, mine traffic, foundation pits, support, coal mines, roadways, dams, bridges, anchor holes, blast holes.

DTH rock drilling machine

The working principle of the down-the-hole drilling rig is to use the drill rod to drive the pneumatic impactor to rotate together with the drill bit, and the piston impact hammer of the pneumatic impactor is used to break the ore.

During the rock drilling process reduce the energy loss caused by the impact energy transmitted by the drill rod, thereby reducing the influence of the hole depth on the rock drilling efficiency. Drilling equipment for downhole drilling is a down-hole drilling rig.

DTH drilling machine for rock

Our company underground mines commonly use GD70, GD100 and GD165 models which are electeic & penumatic, and we also have a full pneumatic borehole drilling rig. These can drill holes of 60~150mm in the ore with a solidity factor of f=8-20. Deep holes with a higher rock drilling speeds.

DTH borehole mine drilling rigs have the following advantages in drilling process:

1. Reasonable mining of resources, which is mainly reflected in the different mining methods of down-the-hole drilling rigs. DTH drilling rigs generally drill down the rock. Due to the large borehole diameter and deep depth, the blasting volume is very large. Therefore, open-pit mining generally adopts a layer-down approach. In this case, soil erosion is less, and resource utilization is high, and it will not collapse due to poor control.

2. From the safety point of view, the down-the-hole drilling rig is relatively flat due to the rock drilling under the layered sentence. The blasting is easy and control, and the rock will not be full.

rock drilling machine

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