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Refractory gunning machine for copper smelter

2020-12-28 17:28:36

Refractory gunning machine for copper smelter
The refractory gunning machine for copper smelter is a continuous operation of the rotor spray gun spraying machine, with a wide range of production capacity, and has been widely verified in the refractory industry. In dry refractory concrete dust-free and low-wear spray gun technology requirements are very high, can be applied to the material shotcrete machine.
The opper smelter used refractory gunning machine is mainly applicable to: industrial furnace refractory layer of the hot spray work.It is mainly applicable to concrete spraying and supporting construction of tunnels, culverts, subway, hydropower projects, underground projects, mine roadways, expressway slope protection, etc.And the thermal spraying of refractory layer in industrial furnace.

refractory gunning machine for copper smelter

When theopper smelter used refractory gunning machine works, the material of the gun to be processed is fed into the rotor through hopper and star agitator.The rotor is fixed between two sealing plates and is driven by a rotating current or a compressed air motor. The spray gun material is delivered to the air pipe by a so-called trickle method, where it is blown into a hose or pipe through the compressed air.The dry or slightly wet gun material is mixed with water in a nozzle mixing unit before the spray material is discharged from the pipe.Then spray onto the specific construction area.

copper smelter used refractory gunning machine

We should pay attention to the following matters when using the refractory gunning machine for copper smelte:
1.The repeated spraying should be in the previous concrete after the final coagulation, if the final coagulation one hour after the spraying, should be cleaned with water spraying layer surface.If there is an overcut or a low-lying crack, the spray should be made up first and then sprayed normally.
2. It is strictly prohibited to aim sprinkler head at personnel.
3. In the process of the injection, such as pipe blocked, stop the wind power failure,  should immediately shut down the watergate, place the nozzle down, with waterproof into the feeding tube;When dealing with the blocked pipe, the percussive method is used to deliver the material pipe.
4. Spray personnel should wear dust masks, latex gloves and glasses
5. After injection work, spray layer within the seven days, sprinkling water per shift time, after seven days of water once a day, continuous curing 28 days.
6. The driver of shotcrete machine must be specially trained, familiar with the performance structure and working principle of shotcrete machine, and be able to troubleshoot general problems and carry out daily maintenance and maintenance.
7. The inlet of the shotcrete machine is well sealed to prevent dust from being blown by air leakage;Smooth exhaust port and smooth exhaust gas discharge;Shotcrete pipe joint is firm, well sealed and neatly arranged.

The following preparations should also be made before we use the refractory gunning machine for copper smelter:
1. Check whether there is air leakage and water running in the pipe of the shotcrete and deal with it in time.
2. Inspect the abrasion of the feeding pipeline, and repair or replace it in time when problems are found.
3. The feeding pipeline should be smooth and no dead bend or hard bend is allowed to prevent the pipeline from blocking or causing serious wear.
4. Check and clean up the sundries in the bin.Then spray onto the specific construction area.

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