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Foam concrete machine for making housing

2020-12-31 15:56:57

Foam concrete machine for making housing
With year's equipment production experiences on foam concrete machine for making housing, after every technical engineer's research, we have developed this large foam concrete filling equipment, the production capacity of the equipment reached 5 to 40 meters/hour. It fills a gap in China's foam concrete equipment with small capacity and inefficiency. It became the largest and largest single equipment in China's foam concrete machine for making house production equipment.

Foam concrete is a kind of lightweight concrete, by silicate cement and ordinary silicate cement as an inorganic glue material, coal ash for mixing, scattered bone, mixed with organic foaming agent. Non-load bearing walls constructed from currently poured XF foam concrete has changed the traditional way of building walls with precast concrete segments. Excellent integrity and ease of operation mean low labor intensity and low construction costs. In addition, good strength characteristics (a few-eighth reduction), excellent sound and insulation, and water resistance make them an ideal alternative to traditional walls today.

foam concrete machine for making housing

Working principle of foam concrete machine for casting house:
Foam concrete specially made by foam concrete mixer is an advanced lightweight insulation material. And this material has many closed holes. With the help of the foaming system of the foaming machine, the foaming agent can foam fully and mechanically. The foam and cement slurry are then mixed evenly. Next, the mixture will be drawn from the pumping system and cast into place or molded molds. After natural conservation, foam concrete is formed.

Features of foam concrete machine for making housing:
1. The machine uses high-pressure foaming technology, foaming performance is good, uniform quality, not easy to break, accurate (foaming volume can be accurately controlled within mg).
2. The conveyor system adopts the most advanced hose pump pumping system, the operation is simple, the pass rate is low, the parts are easy to wear, the maintenance is convenient and the cost is low.
3. The chassis is made of high-strength, high-strength steel plate, which is painted at a high temperature of 280 degrees C and has a long service life.
4. The machine saves production costs and improves economic efficiency. Compared with similar products, 50-100 kg of cement can be saved per cubic meter.
5. The machine is light weight, small size, convenient, high efficiency, is the ideal equipment for foaming cement.

foam concrete machine for casting house

1. Sewers and Drains filling.
2. Horizontal floor heightening.
3. Platform filling and mending.
4. Garden and rockeries.
5. Foam concrete block.
6. External wall thermal insulation.
7. Thermal insulation roofing.
8. Thermal flooring.
9. Playground and track construction.
10. Water tank and fuel tank building.
11 Cellar, basement and arch filling.
12. Sound insulation layer, tunnel lining filling.
13. Sound insulation and fire protection walls.
14. Upstanding beam foundation ditches filling.
15. Foamed concrete precasting, hollow wallboard casting.

Gaodetec equipment is the supplier and manufacture, specialize in foam concrete equipment many years. Our foam concrete machines have already distributed to USA, UK, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Thailand, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Brazil and France. We have rich experience and high service quality including pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service.

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