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Refractory gunite machine for steel plant

2018-09-21 09:42:32

Refractory gunite machine is mainly used for (kiln, converter, electric furnace) kiln to repair and extend the furnace age is an important method to reduce the number of overhauls, improve steel making capacity, reduce energy consumption and improve economic efficiency. The sprayer is mainly used for the refractory spray and spray coating on the thermal equipment of the steel plant. According to different spraying process,refractory gunite machine is divided into pressure vessel refractory gunite machine and rotor type refractory gunite machine. Used for hot and cold repair work for converters, electric furnaces, ladle, mixed iron furnaces and tapping hooks.
Rotor type refractory gunite machine feed materials by rotor rotate, and adopts compressed air to deliver a certain proportion of the mixing material through the conveying hose and spray it at high speed to the surface to be hardened by the spray surface. More detailed working video information, please check the below link:https://youtu.be/CU0zJtbW8-c

Refractory gunite machine

Pressure vessel refractory gunite machine adopts the principle of forced feeding pneumatic conveying, the sprayed material enters the pressure vessel through the silo and the feed valve, and close the feed valve,  and then it uses compressed air to blow the refractory dry powder in the tank to the front of the spray gun, mixes it with water to form a wet state, and then sprays it onto the lining by the spray gun. Due to the proper amount of moisture in the refractory powder, the spray effect is better. Pressure vessel refractory gunite machines have full pneumatic and electric motor drive two kinds. More detailed working video information, please check the below link:https://youtu.be/c5Olx6DlX-g

Refractory gunite machine for sale

Full pneumatic pressure vessel refractory gunite machine has some outstanding feature. Such as: reasonable structure, high efficiency and energy saving, no electricity, uniform discharge, time and labor saving, sturdy and durable.

Refractory gunite machine for steel plant

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