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Price for shortcreting machine

2019-09-29 17:43:58

Shortcreting machine is widely used in tunnels, bridge underground construction and open-air work surfaces or pools. It is also widely used in road and rail tunnels, subways, hydroelectric power stations, underground engineering and mining projects. Dry shortcreting machine is commonly used in outdoor engineering, such as bridge maintenance, swimming pools, slope protection, etc. Wet shortcreting machine is widely used in indoor engineering, such as mines, tunnels, subways and other projects.

price for shortcreting machine

If you want to get 
price for shortcreting machine or cost for shortcreting machine project, you can contact us freely, email ID: info@gaodetec.com. We can send the email as soon as possible with shortcreting machine price and shortcreting machine cost. Compared with dry shortcreting machine, wet shortcreting machine is mostly used in more important projects, with less dust, low rebounding rate and high spraying intensity. Regardless of the jet concrete machine, an air compressor is required to provide compressed air.

shortcreting machine price

Gaodetec Shortcreting machine has been exported to Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, English, Oman and other countries, because of the good spraying effect, has been well received by customers.The adjustable clamping device makes it easy to adjust the pressure between the seal plate and the rotor plate, thus avoiding air and dust leaks and extending the life of the part. In order to provide you with the right model and quote at the best price, please let us know the following points when asked, as Gaodetec equipment is the leading brand of Chinese shortcreting machine manufacturers, there are now dozens of dry sprayers to choose from, and we can also tailor the right dry sprayer for you.

cost for shortcreting machine

Because Gaodetec shotcrete equipment has its own technical team and research and development capabilities, you can design the sprayer according to your needs, can also customize the color for you.
Therefore, please tell us your requirements for the injection of concrete machines, such as:
1. What are the items that the machine will use for slope protection or other uses? 
Need a dry mixer or a wet mixer?
2. Do you need 3 m3/h, 5 m3/h or 9 m3/h output?
3. The particle size of the highest material is less than 10mm, 15mm or 20mm?
4. Regarding the engine, do you need a pneumatic motor, electric motor or diesel engine, if like an electric motor, three-phase voltage, 380V, 50HZ can? Once the answer to the above question sits confirmed, the appropriate type of sprayer and the factory price to your local port will be in the first place. 

shortcreting machine cost

If you have some project need 
shortcreting machine, please tell us freely and we could provide suitable price for shortcreting machine or cost for shortcreting machine for your project. More detailed product information, please check the below email, email ID: info@gaodetec.com

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