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Multi hole prestressed cable anchor for post tensioning

2020-07-01 11:59:08

GYM multi hole prestressed cable anchor is often used in post tensioning and pre-tensioning construction project. This prestressed cable anchor is suitable for PC strand diameter of 9mm, 10mm, 12.7mm, 15.24mm, 15.7mm and 18mm, etc.

multi strands anchor

Prestressed anchoring system is a complete, independent building measure researched.

The post-tensioned concrete structure is designed and manufactured under quality control procedures to comply with international standards.

anchor in special useage

Post-tensioned concrete structures include a full range of post-tensioning members, including anchoring for use in concrete.

• Non-adhesive grease and P E coating P C strand.

• Bonded P C strand and bar.

• Post-tensioned anchor (anchor head, anchor support plate, wedge, spiral, etc.)

•Tendon support chair.

• Corrugated metal pipes for flat and round bars.

• External prestress and cable tendons.

Prestressed anchoring system has been widely used in modern buildings, especially for pre-stretching or post-tensioning of concrete structures as building materials, such as bridge construction, railway and highway construction, buildings and channel construction, etc. 

multi hole prestressed cable anchor


anchor head wedges anchors bearing plate

15.24mm 12 strands post tension anchor

Application of post-tensioned concrete construction:

1. Post-tensioned concrete structures can be effectively used in all applications of construction and civil engineering, including, building slab, bridge, tank and silo and many other applications.

2. Post-tensioned concrete construction is often used for bridge construction and other civil engineering structures, such as silos, water tanks, etc.

This type of system is commonly used for bonding ribs. The tendons consist of a bundle of steel strands with a nominal diameter of 0.5 inches (12.7 mm) or 0.6 inches (15.2 mm).

3. The strands are respectively clamped in an anchoring unit and their prestress is transmitted through the M-type anchor plate casting unit.

4. For each anchoring dimension, a special helical reinforcement is provided on the anchor plate casting to provide sufficient split reinforcement for the bursting stress generated by the anchoring region.

5. The tendon bundle is simultaneously stressed by a multi-strand pressure jack, with capacities ranging from 1,100 KN to 5,000 KN. In the case of a small tendon unit (for example M405 type), the strands can also be individually pressurized by a mono jack.

6. To ensure corrosion protection and provide sufficient bond strength, the steel bars are filled with a suitable cement slurry mixture after the steel strands are fully compressed

Contact with us to know more about multi hole prestressed cable anchor for post tensioning:

1. Material: PC steel strand, Monostrand anchoring system, multi-stage anchoring system, ground anchor, flat (flat) anchoring system, pipeline (metal pipe, HDPE plastic pipe), etc.

2. PT equipment: Monostrand Jack (Multistrand Tensioning Jack), electric oil pump, YH30 embossing machine, compression fitting machine, pipe making machine, grouting pump and mixer.

If you need multi hole prestressed cable anchor for post tensioning, you can send us email directly. Email address: info@gaodetec.com. Thanks!

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