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Portable middle pressure filter press for sale

2018-07-20 20:37:57

The primary usage of a filter press is as a "fixed volume, batch pressure filter." As a fixed volume filter, it is built to hold a specific quantity of solids.  The term "batch" refers to the fact the cycle must be stopped to discharge the collected "filter cake" prior to restarting a cycle. "Pressure" is created by the feed pump in the separation process.

The filter press may also be used as a "polishing" filter to remove minute quantities of solids from an influent stream. In these applications the press is not sized for the quantity of solids holding capacity but for maximum filtration area and hydraulic throughput. When used as a polishing filter, generally a dry filter cake is not developed. Rather, when throughput flow rates drop to an unacceptable level, the cycle is ended.

The last most common usage of the filter press is as a "variable volume" filter through the use of a filter plate known as a diaphragm or membrane plate.

The pressure behind the slurry (typically 100 psi, but up to 900 psi [7 to 60 bar]) is provided by a feed pump—sometimes a positive displacement or centrifugal pump. With a gravity drain on the filtrate side of the press, a pressure differential between the feed pressure and the gravity discharge is created across the media and the filter cake solids as they build in thickness.

It is the existence of this pressure differential, not just the feed pump pressure, that causes the filtering action to occur. Solids within the slurry will flow to the area of cake development with the lowest pressure differential, resulting in a filter cake that builds uniformly over the drain-field on either side of the chamber walls.

portable manual Jack filter press for sale

This fill cycle continues until the filter cakes forming on the chamber walls bridge at the center, completely filling the press with solids. It is at this point that the filtration process is complete.

Once this is achieved, the hydraulic closure of the press is retracted, the individual filter elements are separated and the filter cakes are discharged, usually by gravity, to an appropriate receptacle. 

In operation, slurry is pumped under pressure into the press chambers through the manifold at the stationary head of the filter press. As each chamber fills with slurry, the liquid passes through the cloth medium, across the drain-field, through the drain ports and exits via gravity out of the corner discharge eyes.

The prime function of the filter media is to provide a porous support structure for the filter cake as it develops and builds. Initially, some solids may pass through the cloth media causing a slight turbidity in the filtrate, but gradually the larger particles within the slurry begin to bridge the openings in the media reducing the effective opening size. This allows smaller particles to bridge these reduced openings initiating the cake filtration process. Once a layer of solid particles achieves 1 to 2 mm in thickness, this "precoat" layer serves to separate out finer and finer particles as the cake builds in thickness, yielding a filtrate that is very low in turbidity.

Referring to a portable middle pressure filter press for sale, we think our Jack type one is the most popular. Screw jack filter press adopts screw jack as closing system. It has features of simple structure, easy operation, no power consumption, cost saving. It is generally used in filter press with 1-40 m2 filter area. 

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