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Customized dry mix shotcrete machine for sale

2018-07-19 11:45:30

For the most distinguishing feature of the dry mix process, the key to this piece of equipment is the addition of water at the nozzle. These machines are typically powered by air motor, here is a gunite machine’s material feed system, which continuously directs material from the hopper to the outlet, where the material is propelled by air to the hose and nozzle. Usually, dry mix shotcrete machine work need a gunite machine, a heavy-duty air compressor, a reliable source for bulk dry materials, material hose, air and water hose, gunning nozzle, water pressure booster pump.


dry mix shotcrete machine

GZ-5A dry mix shotcrete machine

Because of customers’ working site is remote, customized dry mix shotcrete machine with air motor be provided. GZ-5A dry mix shotcrete machine adopts five cylinders piston air motor, having more powerful, doesn’t need electric power.


Five cylinders piston air motor


Five cylinders piston air motor

Customized dry mix shotcrete machine is a rotary bowl-type dry-mix shotcrete machine powered by an air motor designed for high production concrete construction applications. GZ-5A is the concrete sprayer contractors choose who want a durable shotcrete machine for concrete construction projects. This dry mix shotcrete machine for sale provides maximum performance and efficiency due to its heavy-duty design and powerful output. GZ-5A dry-mix gunite machine features a premium-life feed system, molded discharge liner and exhaust suppression chamber. A tilt-hopper provides easy access for cleaning and set up. All units include airline regulating valves, choice of high or medium-production feed system and hopper assembly. An air compressor is required to power the GZ-5A shotcrete machine.


GZ-5A dry mix shotcrete machine is mainly used for concrete bridge repair, pool construction, soil stabilization etc. project. Because of better spraying effect, Gaodetec dry mix shotcrete machine receive good feedback from our feedback. More detailed product information, please check the below link:


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