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Pneumatic diaphragm pump used in the printing machinery

2015-02-12 10:18:07

Since the 1990s, China's packaging and printing machinery industry has been rapid development in the variety, quantity, technology, quality and other aspects of the greatly improved. In manufacturing technology not only improves accuracy, but also focus on the application of mechatronics and computer control, strengthening infrastructure to support a dedicated valve, electronic components and electrical electrical control components, pneumatic diaphragm pump is ink circulation device essential accessory.
United States, Japan, Germany, equipped with the intent of printing machinery such pneumatic pumping ink device. Our cartons and plastic printing machinery from the mid-1990s to configure pneumatic diaphragm pump to replace in the work process is easy to produce sparks and easy to make ink bubbles electric pump.
Pneumatic diaphragm pump has a safe, energy efficient, durable characteristics, the use of compressed air as the driving force, the work process does not produce sparks, static electricity or electromagnetic interference, suitable for use in explosive situations. Medium flow may need to press, stepless adjustment through the needle valve on the pump. Pumps start work, constant cyclical ink to prevent ink tank ink produces crust phenomenon, in order to improve print quality. Pump and filter are used alloy casting, pump parts all made of high quality corrosion resistant materials, special diaphragm and corrosion resistant pipe inking esters, ketones, benzene, alcohol and other solvents.
Pneumatic diaphragm pump works: Under the dynamic action of compressed air, pump the gas chamber supporting institutions reciprocate driven diaphragm agitation, and thus the pump cavity medium (such as ink, glue, solvents, etc.) are compressed and pulls , serve the purpose of the transmission medium.

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