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Internal diaphragm membrane installation method

2015-02-12 10:30:30

Diaphragm equipment system is composed of one or more bilateral pumps, such as pneumatic double diaphragm pumps. Manifold pump separated, so that each side of the pump to pump the multi-component material in a component, a cumulative output is connected with the both sides of the pump-of-phase output becomes the same phase. Diaphragm-type isolation valves can be used on each side of the outlet of the pump, thereby preventing mixing materials reflux. If desired 1: 1 mixing ratio other than, one or more may be used together with the use of such a pump, so as to achieve a variety of mixing ratios.
1. diaphragm failure monitoring system for detecting leaks diaphragm diaphragm. The system includes a pump having a chamber, built working fluid; a pumping chamber for pumping material into the pump and fed; and a diaphragm, and the pumping chamber to the isolation chamber. A first optical fiber connected with the studio, for transmitting an optical signal through the working fluid. A second optical fiber connected with the studio, for receiving a first optical fiber by the outgoing optical signal. Means to establish an electric signal, the optical signal outgoing from the first optical fiber, when the working fluid passing through the uncontaminated reaches the second optical fiber, establishing a first electrical signal. Means for establishing the electric signal, the optical signal outgoing from the first optical fiber, passes through the polluted working fluid reaches the second optical fiber, establishing a second electrical signal. When the second electrical signal is established, whereby contaminated materials through the membrane into the studio leaks can be detected.
2, the internal diaphragm pump diaphragm installation method does not affect the volume change in the requirements of the pump, but also make full use of the diaphragm excellent compression performance, in the conduct of the diaphragm geometry, it has no need to add any cost and effort, but greatly improve the life of the membrane to ensure normalization of production and improve product quality, it is suitable for installation within a variety of diaphragm pump diaphragm.

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