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Double cylinder feed pump ceramic plunger slurry pump

2022-10-08 18:32:47

YB series ceramic plunger slurry pump is a hydraulic driven double-cylinder double-acting ceramic plunger mud pump. The pump has the characteristics of stable operation, reliable operation, low noise, high pressure, small pressure fluctuation, small size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, and long service life. Mainly used for spray drying of ceramic mud, high pressure spray combustion of coal water slurry, clean (sewage) water, various suspended liquids, mud, sand-containing liquids for long-distance transportation, and can also be used for filter press feeding.

double cylinder feed pump ceramic plunger slurry pump

Main features of YB series double cylinder ceramic plunger slurry pump:
1. Wear resistance: The plunger is fired from alumina ceramics and is finely ground. The hardness is above HLC8.5 and the surface roughness is 0.4um. The plunger and the conveyed material have no shearing motion. It is suitable for conveying sand and solid particles.
2. Strong self-suction capacity: plunger type vacuuming method, self-suction capacity of 4-8 meters (the specific gravity of the material determines the change of the suction stroke)
3. Adjustable constant pressure automatic variable: The working pressure of the plunger mud pump is adjustable, and can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 0-20 kg. The adjusted pressure will not change due to the change of the output flow of the pump, and the set pressure will be maintained. Even if the outlet of the running pump is shut off, the pressure will not change. (The change cannot exceed the peak flow of the pump, the flow can be zero)
4. High pressure and high efficiency: the maximum pressure of ordinary models is 20 kg. When the pressure is greater than or equal to 5 kg and the flow rate is the same, the motor power of the feed pump ceramic plunger slurry pump is 1 to 2 smaller than other types of pumps.
5. Simple operation: Just tighten or loosen the pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure. After adjusting the pressure, lock it, and there is no need to adjust it later.
6. Low cost of use: the wearing parts of the pump are valve plates and plunger seals. The replacement cycle is once every 3-6 months for ceramic mud and 6-12 months for municipal mud.
7. Long service life: The service life is at least 15 years.
8. Customized production: According to the actual working conditions of each user, flexible configuration, customized products suitable for customer production needs

YB series double cylinder ceramic plunger slurry pumps has seven series of YB85, YB140, YB200, YB250, YB300, YB350, YB400, nearly twenty kinds of specifications, and the flow rate can be from 1.2M3/h to 100M3/h.

ceramic plunger slurry pump

The maximum pressure of commonly used pumps can reach 2.5MPa, and the rated pressure is 2.0MPa;
The maximum pressure of the high-pressure pump can reach 3.0MPa, and the rated pressure is 2.5MPa;
The pressure of the low-pressure pump is 1.5?MPa, and its flow rate is 10-20% higher than the rated flow rate of similar pumps.

If you need a double cylinder feed pump ceramic plunger slurry pump, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com

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