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High volume peristaltic hose pump for conveying concrete

2022-07-12 16:16:40

The goal of Gaodetec Equipment is to offer cutting-edge high volume peristaltic hose pump. After ten years of business growth, Gaodetec Equipment, a manufacturer of hose pumps with a focus on hose pump machinery, became independent in 2012. All around the nation, there is a comprehensive before- and after-sales service network. Our company has received widespread recognition and exports to countries across the world, including the UK, Australia, Mozambique, Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand, and others. This is due to our outstanding technical personnel, extensive business network, and prompt after-sales services. Tens of thousands of customers choose Gaodetec Equipment because it has concentrated on hose pump manufacturing for more than ten years.

The two pressure rollers that are installed in the rotor of the low-cost high volume peristaltic hose pump for grouting cement are distributed evenly along the hose at an angle of 180 degrees, and they roll continuously along the hose in the pump casing while continuing to squeeze and flatten the hose. Due to the hose's inherent elasticity, it can bounce back to its original shape after becoming flattened. This enables the hose to create a strong vacuum, which draws fluid into the cavity where it is squeezed out of the pump body by the pressure roller that follows. So on and so forth, the material is continuously inhaled and removed.

high volume peristaltic hose pump

Consider the peristaltic hose pump for conveying concrete, a type of peristaltic pump used for grouting cement. Its key components are the pump house, the rotor, the roller, the idle roller, the squeezing tube, and the driving unit. In the pump house, the squeeze hose is U-shaped; when the rotor drives the roller to rotate, the hose is deformed. The distorted hose recovers its elasticity after the roller rotates. As a result, this hose develops negative pressure, sucking slurry and releasing them through the outlet when the roller is pushed. Finally, the slurry is conveyed under pressure.

peristaltic squeeze pump for conveying concrete

conveying concrete hose pump

The unique structure of the hose pump for conveying concrete makes it have special performance: first, multi-functional, it can not only transport high viscosity, high particle content materials, but also can be used for low viscosity fluid transport; second: the hose pump without sealing structure, because of this unique performance, so that it will not occur any leakage when transporting fluids; third, the hose pump body structure is simple, easy to manufacture, easy to maintain, easy to operate; fourth, self-priming fifth, anti-wear, corrosion resistance, because the hose pump conveying fluid only contact with the hose, so it can handle all the corrosive slurry and chemical media that the rubber material can resist; sixth, can convey a variety of fibrous materials and even solid particles containing particles less than 1/4 pipe diameter; seventh, small power consumption, high hydraulic and volumetric efficiency.

hose pump for conveying concrete

Low-cost high-volume peristaltic squeeze pump for conveying, in the fields of construction, mining, food, papermaking, ceramics, etc., they are primarily used for long-distance conveying, grouting, and dosing of viscous slurry.

high volume squeeze hose pump

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