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How to choose a suitable hydroseeder machine for work?

2022-07-15 18:36:52

Gaodetec Equipment was established in 2012 with the purpose of designing and producing special hydroseeding equipment for green engineering works and, mainly, for the hydroseeding equipment technique.

choose a hydroseeder machine

It can be difficult to decide on a size because a smaller machine would cost less to get started in hydroseeding and a larger machine will enable you to do tasks more rapidly, increasing your productivity.
Knowing the types of jobs you'll be doing and their sizes will help you decide what size machine to purchase. Larger tasks can be completed faster and more effectively with a larger machine than smaller tasks can be completed with a little machine or a huge one. The budget you have set up for a hydroseeding machine is another factor.
If you plan to perform largely residential work, a machine with at least a 300 gallon capacity would be the ideal option. With a smaller machine, we've seen individuals be quite productive, and frequently they increase productivity by carrying a water tank with them so they can rapidly replenish. I've heard individuals claim that a 150-gallon unit and water tank would allow them to plant as quickly as someone with a 500-gallon unit and no water tank.
How often you will hydroseed is something else to consider. Even if it takes an extra hour or two to complete the job, it will still be effective and efficient and better than hiring someone else to do it. A landscaper who only performs a few jobs a year may benefit from investing less in the size of a machine.

suitable hydroseeder machine

1. The hydroseeder machine is appropriate for slopes made of stone, slopes surrounded by barbed wire, steep slopes, and slopes with dense spraying. It is ideal for large-scale building and highly efficient. The Gaodetec pipe lift can go up to 100 metres, making it the best option for long-term greening that is ideal for all slope types.
2. The hydraulic hydroseeding equipment is appropriate for low-slope and three-dimensional net building, as well as for small-scale construction sites. The average spraying thickness is no more than 2 cm.
3. Following the selection of the hydroseeding machine's type, the tank volume is calculated based on the road's width and the operating distance of the equipment. A tiny hydroseeding machine, such as a 1 cubic seeder, 2 cubic seeder, etc., can be chosen if the spraying operation distance is short and the road is narrow. You can select a 4 cubic hydroseeding machine, 6 cubic hydroseeding machine, etc. if the spraying operation distance is lengthy and the road width is modest. You can select a 6 cubic hydroseeder, 8 cubic hydroseeder, etc. if the spraying operation distance is large and the road is wide.
4. Once the sprayer tank's volume has been established, the height and slope of the side slope are used to determine the hydroseeder's power. You can select a low-power and cost-effective model, such as a 62-kilowatt hydroseeding machine or a 2 cubic hydraulic seeding machine, if the slope is low and flat. You can select models with greater power and strong adaptability, such as the 6 cubic metres of hydraulic seeding machine and the 125 kW hydroseeding machine, if the slope is steep and high. You should select a model with great power for future use if you practise greening for a long time.

If you are interested in our hydroseeder, please contact us. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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