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Performance of foam concrete manufacturers fire barriers

2020-02-28 22:27:20

Performance of foam concrete manufacturers fire barriers

1. High fire resistance multi-element inorganic foaming material belongs to Class A1 fireproof material, has good fire resistance, and the fire resistance reaches above 1000 ° C, which fully meets the requirements of the fire barrier and the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Housing and Construction.

fire-resistant performance of the foam concrete

2. High thermal insulation as the closed cell ratio of the multi-component inorganic foaming material is> 95%, the high closed cell ratio reduces the convective heat transfer and is a prerequisite for high thermal insulation. The thermal conductivity of light-weight concrete fire insulation boards is basically the same as that of polystyrene foam boards, which can meet the needs of building thermal insulation.
3. The strength is relatively good, and it is not easy to crack. This product has high compressive strength, flex resistance, and strength indicators. It has reached a relatively uniform low-density, high-strength strength.
4. The light weight of the fire-resistant insulation belt of foam concrete manufacturers is another advantage of the product. When the density is in the range of 100-300kg / m3, it can fully meet the requirements of various indexes of fire insulation belts. At the same time, costs can be greatly reduced.

lightweight performance of the foam concrete

5. Non-toxic and harmless The raw materials of the exterior wall thermal insulation multiple inorganic foaming fire-resistant insulation tape will not burn under high temperature and will not release toxic gas. It is a safe and environmentally friendly construction material. Long service life The external insulation heat-preserving multiple inorganic foam fire-resistant insulation tape has a service life of more than 50 years, which can keep pace with the life of the building.
6. Good water resistance Since the multi-component inorganic foaming material is a silicate type material, the water resistance is very superior. Foam concrete batching: Add cement and fly ash to the mixer after metering, make a 10% foaming agent aqueous solution to make a fine uniform foam of about 1㎜, then add the foam to the mixer; mix the foam and cement slurry evenly to make Foamed concrete slurry with good waterproof performance.

foam concrete machine

We provide good foam concrete machine to make fire-resistant insulation belt, you can contact us if you need the foam concrete machine.  

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