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Effect of temperature on cast-in-place foam concrete machine

2020-02-27 19:11:17

Effect of temperature on cast-in-place foam concrete

The characteristics of cast-in-situ foam concrete are light weight, upright, high fluidity, and high strength, density and strength adjustability, and easy construction, thereby greatly reducing the filler load and additional stress of the foundation, and uneven settlement of the foundation And lateral displacement, improve the stability of the roadbed; it is useful to eliminate the settlement of the filler itself after construction and to solve the compaction problem on the back of the platform.

The cast-in-situ foam concrete is used for the filling of road and bridge transition sections, which is attributed to the light embankment method. The principle of controlling post-construction settlement is to reduce additional stress. When used in old road reconstruction projects, if the filling thickness is appropriately extended below the original ground, The additional stress of the soft soil layer is less than the useful stress. The soft soil layer is in an over-consolidated state, and then the settlement after construction is 0.

fill the road

Temperature heterogeneity plays an important role in the foaming of cast-in-situ concrete. Generally speaking, the foaming effect of foam concrete is much better in summer than in winter. In winter construction, the temperature is too low, the foaming effect of foamed concrete is not ideal. It is not recommended to work in winter. If it's really just a winter building, you can add a heating furnace next to it.

The cast-in-situ foamed concrete is made into a foam by a mechanical method, and the foam is added to a slurry made of cement, additives, admixtures and water, and mixed and stirred to form a cast-in-situ foamed concrete slurry. The foam concrete slurry is pumped and poured to the working surface by pumping technology. The silicate molecules in the cast-in-situ foam concrete slurry are attached to the foam liquid film, and the pores of the foam are independent of each other. The bubble wall is composed of particles of foam slurry and water.

foam concrete machine

Porous foam concrete material is formed by static coagulation. The formed cast-in-situ foam concrete material contains a large number of fine and uniform pores, forming a honeycomb structure with the pore walls, so it is called honeycomb concrete in Russia. Our foam concrete machine is used to make cast-in-place foam concrete, if you want to make cast-in-place foam concrete, you could let us know freely. 

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