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Mud pump used for drill a water well

2021-01-21 10:07:39

The mud pump used for drill a water well is mainly divided into two types, single-acting and double-acting. The single-acting mud pump used for drilling performs only one intake and discharge operation during one piston reciprocating movement cycle and two double-acting cycles.

drilling used mud pump

The main part of the drilling used mud pump is a single-stage single-suction vertical center pump, which is mainly composed of bolts, impellers, pump seats, pump housings, supporting cylinders, motor seats, and motors. The bolts, pump seat, motor seat and impeller nut are made of cast iron, which has excellent corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, operability, and transferability. In order to reduce the weight of the mud pump, the pump shaft is made of stainless steel. The mud pump used for drill a water well that can transport flushing fluids such as mud and water into the wellbore during drilling. The mud pump used for drilling plays an important role in the drilling process and are essential drilling equipment.

mud pump used for drill a water wel

The working process of the drilling used mud pump is mainly to inject the mud into the well through the drill bit, the drilling tool, and the glued well wall glue to facilitate the drilling and return the cut after drilling to the ground. In positive circulation drilling, the drilling used mud pump transports the surface flushing medium (clean water, mud or polymer flushing fluid) directly to the bottom of the drill bit through the high-pressure hose, faucet and hole in the center of the drill string. The purpose is to cool the drill bit, remove the cut pieces and transport them to the ground. Commonly the mud pump used for drilling is piston type or plunger type. The crank shaft of the mud pump is driven and rotated by electric machinery, and the crankshaft drives the piston or plunger back and forth through the pump cylinder through the crosshead. The interaction between the intake valve and the exhaust valve achieves the purpose of supplying pressure and circulating flushing fluid.

mud pump used for drilling

(1) Check the lubrication of all moving parts, add oil to the crankcase in time for oil change, and use pure lubricating oil without mechanical impurities when changing the lubricating oil.
(2) The working pressure of the coal mine mud pump used for drilling should not exceed 4MPa. It is necessary to check the working reliability of the safety valve frequently.
(3) The number of round trips shall not exceed 145 per minute.
(4) Do not make shocking sounds while driving.
(5) The air tightness of each sealing position is normal and should not leak.
(6) Pay attention to the combination of installation position and suction pipe to avoid inhaling air.
(7) The mud faucet is immersed 0.2m below the surface of the rinsing fluid of the absorber and 0.3m away from the bottom of the collector.
(8) Keep the pump clean to prevent the flushing liquid from dripping into the crankcase and other moving parts.
(9) Pay attention to the tension of the transmission belt and adjust it in time.
(10) Before starting the water pump, use a wrench to tighten the tie rod to prevent the tie rod and the crosshead gasket from loosening.

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