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150ton hydraulic jack with small electrical unit for lifting

2021-01-20 12:01:16

The hydraulic jack is divided into hydraulic jacks, electric jacks, electric hydraulic jacks, synchronous jacks, ultra-thin jacks, manual hydraulic jacks, and self-locking hydraulic jacks. They have the characteristics of compact structure and stable work, so they are widely used in construction projects. Gaodetec has mainly produced the lifting hydraulic jack and the posting jack, the lifting hydraulic jack is equipped with the oil pump, the oil pump can provide the stronger power for the hydraulic jack.

hydraulic jack for lifting

The 150ton hydraulic jack for lifting has the characteristics of large output force, light weight, and long-distance operation. The 150ton hydraulic jack for lifting can be equipped with the factory's high-pressure oil pump station to realize various types of operations such as jacking, pushing, pulling, and squeezing.  The hydraulic jack with small electrical unit is mainly used in transportation, railways, bridges, and shipbuilding. 

hydraulic jack with small electrical unit

The double-acting 150ton hydraulic jack for lifting has the following characteristics:
The 150 ton hydraulic jack for lifting adopts double-acting design, hydraulic reset is fast, and the jacking speed is quickly increased. A safety valve is set inside the hydraulic jack for lifting to prevent the circuit pressure from being too high when returning to the position. Using hard chrome plated piston rod, anti-corrosion and strain. The 150ton lifting hydraulic jack uses a dust-proof ring design to prevent the side of the cylinder from being polluted.

150ton hydraulic jack for lifting

When we use the 150ton hydraulic jack for lifting to fail, we can check the reason from the following aspects:
1. When the 150ton lifting hydraulic jack cannot be lifted, it is mostly due to the damage of the sealing ring or the decrease of hydraulic oil. At this time, the sealing ring and the oil quantity need to be checked;
2. The inner wall of the 150ton hydraulic jack for lifting shows rust spots and falls, which affects the degree of sealing. It is necessary to disassemble the lifting hydraulic jack to repair the inner wall and oil seal;
3. Look at the amount of oil in the pump tank. When the amount of oil is too small, the jacking speed is relatively slow. At this time, add the required hydraulic oil according to the pump model;
4. Check whether the oil pump pressure relief valve and oil pressure connector are tightened. If they are not tightened, they need to be tightened according to the regulations;
5. Hydraulic jacks load heavy objects that exceed the lifting standards, and the construction workers' excessive force will cause the jacking to be slow. The hydraulic jack specifications can be replaced according to the lifting standards.
If you are interested in the 150ton hydraulic jack for lifting, please contact us as the following contact information.

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