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Introduction of mechanized mortar spray application

2014-12-26 14:26:35

Construction machinery spraying technology from Europe, has been successfully used in Europe for nearly 40 years time. Mechanical spray plastering technique can be applied to residential and public buildings, and can greatly enhance the wall plaster work efficiency, shorten the completion period. The traditional manual method of plastering construction efficiency resulting in lower material consumption amazing, site dust pollution problems as well as rising labor costs, developers and contractors who have been the most difficult problem.

Mechanical spray plastering mortar is to stir a good gun to pump through the pipeline, and then by means of the pressure of the air compressor, the continuous mortar evenly sprayed on the walls and ceiling, and then after leveling the real rub, complete plaster finishes , the process; machinery suitable for interior and exterior painting and ceiling lime mortar, mixed mortar and cement mortar plastering plastering bottom and middle. Mortar pump; mechanical spray plastering mortar pump thanks to the conveying mortar, therefore labor organization, production efficiency, and application scopes pump selected mortar performance related. Conventional mortar pump, according to the different structural features can be divided into a plunger pump mortar, mortar diaphragm pump, squeeze type mortar pump, screw pump and the like. Currently the world's most popular spray pump is a mechanical screw spray plaster can improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity and ensure the quality of the project is to develop in the direction of plastering construction.

Mechanical spray plastering works by using gray grout pump and air compressor and compressed air into the gun, mortar prior to the formation of the jet nozzle, the mortar coating on the substrate. Conical nozzle structure, its diameter is generally 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, wall distance from the nozzle is controlled within the range of 100 ~ 300mm, when spray drying, absorbent, red bars thicker walls, the 100 ~ 150mm or so, and a 90 ° angle with the wall, the gun should be slower movement speed, amount of compressed air should be smaller; moisture, water absorption is poor, red bars thinner walls, the walls of the nozzle from 150 ~ 300mm, and a 65 ° angle with the wall, the gun can move more quickly, the amount of air should be bigger, so big jet plane, the ash layer is thin, easily flowing mortar. Injection pressure can be controlled at 0.15 ~ 0.2MPa, pressure, injection speed, make sand bullet back; the pressure is too small, lack of impact, will affect the bond strength, resulting mortar flowing.

Spray plaster mortar consistency used for 90 ~ 110mm, its mixing ratio is: lime mortar 1: 3 to 1: 3.5; cement lime mortar mix 1: 1: 4 is appropriate. Spraying must be stratified continuous spraying operation should be preceded, clear and clean lines, then pressed into lime paste lubrication pipes, to avoid congestion, each painting is completed, the pipeline should enter the lime paste, the residual mortar out then rinse with water pressure to send, and finally into the pressure of 0.4MPa of compressed air brush a few minutes, to prevent caking mortar in the pipeline, affecting the next use, final cleaning the top of the ball can be water, complete cleaning.

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