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Rational use of road marking paint

2014-12-24 10:25:08

As road traffic regulation and guidance lifeline --- road markings, the system needs to draw the number is very large, the amount of road traffic marking paint surge, however, due to the construction aspects of quality, there are still some people in the paint dissatisfied, there are three main issues:

First, paint a single species, can not be a reasonable choice, easily lead to waste;
Second, reflective glass beads used improperly, so reflective effect of poor marking;
Third,Do not pay attention skid resistance marking, so marking become skidding and accidents hidden flick.

1.the rational use of paint
According to the author in the development of road marking paint, development, research and construction, marking construction machinery and construction technology of marking works to develop experience in related standards, recommended that the conditions for the use of markings on different roads, different regions, different markings, the choice is not the same marking paint.

(1)highway marking paint can be durable because the broken line is usually made on the designated lane change and line sections and by the number of vehicles rolling more frequently, wear markings are relatively large. Scratch-type hot melt marking paint stroke made thicker coating, more durable. Durable materials using standard line marking can guarantee the normal use in a long time, reducing the risk of traffic conditions in the construction work.

(2)generally preferable to use less road signs and outline standard safety features such as anti-cursor line is usually on the road, and no lighting, and motor vehicles and other vehicles mixed driving, traffic complex, extremely unsafe driving at night, in order to prevent accidents, recommended that additional highway management department of various traffic safety facilities, marking the best system is zoned reflective.

(3)urban roads, crossroads, Vaughan, factories and other sections of the campus entrance using convex structural vibration and color against sliding against the cursor line marking paint in these important sections of structural vibration projections made by draw anti-anti-slide cursor line and color markings can improve driver alertness, slow speed, prevent slippage, so that traffic safety, but also to protect passers-by. Color paint against sliding friction coefficient can not only improve the road, but also decorate the city pavement, both eye-catching and decorative effect, it should be said to be a good choice.

(4) concrete pavement can be sprayed hot melt coating
Inorganic silicate cement is alkaline, and poor adhesion of organic coatings, the current draw on the concrete pavement marking system life is rarely more than 2 years. From the considerations of economic rationality, using hot-melt coating sprayed paint better than the use of scratch-type material and financial savings. If using hot-melt type scratch coating, relatively speaking, it is a waste.

(5) To adopt the life of the old pavement and renovated time equivalent marking paint
Old pavement surface itself in poor condition, use soon have renovated, if durability marking paint, marking prone life greater than pavement life phenomenon, unreasonable in the economy, if using hot-melt coating type or water-based paint would be a better choice.

2.the correct use of reflective glass beads
Reflective marking is derived from the pre-mixed with glass beads and glass beads strewn on the coating surface coatings within a circle if the glass beads, high refractive index, a reasonable size distribution, reflecting the effect of marking the like. Diameter glass beads with a certain percentage level, to ensure that the glass beads marking coating adhesion firm. During use, the glass beads of different sizes with wear marking successively exposed and off, so marking can continue reflective glass beads grading shall conform JT / T 446 ~ 2001 "road marking glass beads . "
Extensive field test data to prove, glass beads and surface spreading premixed often reach the requirements listed in the table, a variety of particle sizes of glass beads improper grading, and even some glass bead diameter of missing files, affecting the reticle continuous reflective properties. Many people spread across the glass beads recognize there is a misunderstanding that the glass bead surface Caesar's better, in fact, due to excessive marking glass beads on the coating surface, will lead bonding is not strong, premature loss, affected due to overlapping reflective effect marking, and surface markings easy to plot the dust, so that the color becomes dark markings, affecting visibility. Recommend the appropriate amount of surface spreading glass beads (013 ~ 014) kg / m2.

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