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Mortar spraying machine common fault - electrical trip

2014-12-26 14:55:38

The so-called tripping refers to leakage, short circuit, phase sequence can not be effectively protected. If the work can not start the motor is generally within the site wiring problem caused by tripping. First of all we need to know leakage protection works - flow through the zero line and ground current is equal will not trip. Refuting the zero line to ground line is equivalent to the current distribution of the zero line to ground out part. That current flows through the FireWire cable is not equal to zero, the protector will trip.

Because the zero line and the line is the result of the zero-phase sequence current transformer, and the ground is not the result can not pass zero sequence current transformer, so when the zero line and ground shorted, the zero sequence current transformer current vector is not zero, causing GFCI tripping. Emphasize here: The first point, the zero line must not be connected to the equipment enclosure, which is strictly prohibited. Because it is prone to electric shock, once the zero line open fault, the enclosure will be directly charged. Second, the power transformer, the protection of ground and neutral lines are drawn from a neutral point, so basically the same nature, and the protection of ground zero line connected, current will split from the protective ground, causing leakage protector trip. Third, neutral and ground are equipotential, under normal operating conditions is not tripping. May be a three-phase unbalanced load, the zero line voltage is generated, so the trip.

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