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Mono jack for post tensioning

2020-01-06 11:57:05

Mono jack for post tensioning for sale
The QYC270 type mono jack for post tensioning is a front card self-anchoring and self-unloading multifunctional single prestressed tendon tensioning machine. The jack is optimally designed and uses a new type of seal. It is small in size, light in weight, stable and durable, easy to use, and saves steel hinges.
First, the main purpose
1. Single Prestressed Tensioning
1) Pretensioning
2) Post-tensioning

Mono jack for sale

Group anchors are tensioned one by one
3. Trouble shooting (anchor removal)
4. Mono jack is equipped with different fixtures can be suitable for multi-series steel hinge tensioning
Such as: 12.7mm, 15.24mm series, 17.8mm etc.
5. Mono jack for post tensioning equipped with special fixture can be used for wire bundle tensioning
The tensioning cavity oil supply jack moves. When the stroke reaches 15-20mm, the tool clamp shrinks and automatically clamps the prestressing ribs. After returning in place, the loose wedge sleeve returns to the clamp to automatically retract the anchor.

QYC270 single mono jack

1. Retracted self-anchor tension
The limit plate and the cylinder head are fitted together and penetrated into the pre-stressed tendons to be stretched, stretched to the design tonnage, and held for 5 minutes, then slowly unloaded and slowly decompressed to achieve retraction self-anchor. When the pressure drops to zero, start the oil pump jack to return, and complete a tensioning procedure.
2. Unloading the anchor
Connect the supporting feet to the cylinder head, and cover the supporting feet at the hole position of the clip to be retracted. According to the elongation of the prestressed ribs, first pre-stretch the jack piston properly, and then operate the tensioning procedure to pull the clip Out, the oil pump maintains pressure. Use a screwdriver to pull out the clips from the foot support, slowly unload and slowly reduce the pressure. If one stroke is not enough, you need to re-anchor the clips that were pulled out and repeat the above process until the internal stress of the prestressing ribs is released. After that, the clamp can be safely exited. It is forbidden to return the jack in place before the internal stress of the prestressing ribs is all relieved, otherwise the prestressing ribs will pop out and cause unnecessary accidents.

tension siengle strand mono jack

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