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Foam concrete machine factory

2020-01-07 18:22:25

Foam concrete machine factory
Foam concrete made of Gaodetec foam concrete machine factory is an excellent building material, which can be used to manufacture CLC blocks, lightweight wall panels, wall casting, void filling, roof heating, floor heating, exterior wall insulation, and insulation wall panels. In addition, in recent years, the application of foam concrete in construction has become more and more extensive, so more and more customers order our foam concrete machine to produce energy saving and environmental protection foam concrete to be applied to customers' projects.

floor heating foamed concrete insulation layer

There are many reasons why foam concrete made from Gaodetec foam concrete machines are popular, mainly because of the following:
1. Sound insulation
The foam concrete made by Gaodetec foam concrete machine factory contains a large number of independent small pores, and the sound absorption capacity can reach 0.09-0.19%, which is 5 times that of ordinary concrete. The sound insulation performance of foam concrete made by Gaodetec foam concrete machine factory meets the second and third standards of residential, hospital and hotel buildings, meets the third level of school building, has good sound insulation, and solves the problem of sound insulation between building layers.
2. Insulation performance
The foam concrete material made by Gaodetec foam concrete machine has low thermal conductivity. Generally, the residential residential cushion has a density of not more than 400kg/m3 foam concrete, and the thermal conductivity is 0.06~0.10w/m.k.
3. Excellent thermal insulation
Compared with ordinary concrete, foam concrete made by Gaodetec foam concrete machine has good heat insulation (0.05kcal/mh.c), which is about 20-30 times that of ordinary concrete.

foam concrete advantage

4. Light weight
The density of foam concrete made by Gaodetec foam concrete machine is between 160-1700kg/m3, which is 1/5-1/8 of ordinary concrete. It is a lightweight product, which can reduce the overall load of the building.
5. Controllability of strength
The foam concrete made by Gaodetec foam concrete machine can adjust the proportion and configuration according to the design requirements of the building, thus forming different strengths. The minimum compressive strength is not less than 0.50 MPa.
6. External forces have a cushion
The foam concrete made by Gaodetec foam concrete machine has excellent seismic resistance. With foamed concrete products, it forms numerous independent bubbles, which exhibits cushioning effect on external forces and can distribute pressure to other parts and improve seismic performance.
7. Economical
The foam concrete raw materials made by Gaodetec foam concrete machine are taken locally, mechanically processed on site, mechanically pumped, construction speed is fast, and overall construction cost is low. Save labor, save time and save engineering costs.

foam concrete machine factory

After years of painstaking research, Gaodetec foam concrete machine manufacturers have successfully combined the feeding system, foaming system, mixing system and pumping system, which is very convenient to use and low in cost. Only one machine already has four parts: a spiral or belt conveyor, a concrete mixer, a foam generator and a foam concrete pump. Therefore, if you choose the Footecec foam concrete machine to be used in your project, you will get the highest efficiency and lowest cost.

foam concrete machine from China factory

For more information on the Gaodetec foam concrete machine, please visit our official website:

foam concrete machine factory

We have professional staff to answer your questions in real time, no need to hesitate, we look forward to your arrival. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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