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Jet grouting drilling machine professional manufacturer

2018-07-06 16:24:01

RJP method also named RODIN JET PILE method. It is by using kinetic energy that ultra-high pressure spray fluid produced to damage to the foundation of the organization. Then mixing these damaged soil particles and hardened materials. This can result in large diameter modified body. Professional jet grouting drilling machine manufacturer will provided you the suggestion during the usage.

Ultra-high pressure water and air spray fluid doing the guide cutting in the upper section. This can create a certain space. Lower section ultra-high pressure hardening material and air spray fluid can expand the cutting energy. Compare to the original method that occlusion space cutting, RJP method is more effective in cutting and destroying soil effects. In addition, since the energy at the time of cutting is increased, the mud can be smoothly discharged.
Jet grouting drilling machine is your best choice for soil improvement.

The RJP method installs the ultrahigh pressure jet nozzle and the cement slurry jet nozzle in the same direction. It is designed to the back and forth injection angle. As the injection angle is 90º to 270º, the modified body can be sprayed into a fan-shaped column.

RJP method has the particularity at the construction site and construction conditions etc. RJP method is a kind of excellent construction and very economical construction mode. RJP method is quite suitable for megaproject, complex foundation project. RJP method uses triple tubes or four tubes and transport water, air and liquid respectively. And cement liquid is adopts super high pressure (35-40Mpa) spraying. And the air that around will secondary impact cut soil. And this can cause a large diameter modified body.

XTL-230 could be used for the RJP method. As a
jet grouting drilling machine manufacturer, jet grouting drilling, high pressure grout pump, mud pump, grout mixer and agitator are all provided. So you could get the full jet grouting system and easy using.

Gaodetec is the
Jet grouting drilling machine professional manufacturer. If you want to know the jet grouting for sale, please email us: info@gaodetec.com

jet grouting drilling machine manufacturer


jet grouting drilling machine professional manufacturer


jet grouting drilling machine


professional jet grouting drilling machine manufacturer

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