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Industrial peristaltic pump oem

2021-04-21 17:01:14

Industrial peristaltic pump oem
Industrial peristaltic pump oem is a new, multi-functional and multi-purpose industrial pump developed by absorbing advanced foreign technology. It completely gets rid of the operation mode of traditional pump impeller and shaft seal, and has great advantages in the transportation of media with high viscosity, high corrosion and large fluid impurities. It is a completely different principle from traditional pumps and has a wide range of applications.

 Industrial peristaltic pump oem

The working principle of the industrial peristaltic pump: a special rubber hose with a smooth inner wall and reliable strength is installed inside the pump. A pair of pressure rollers rotate and squeeze along the rubber hose to squeeze the hose. This rotation makes the medium flow toward one another. After the hose is transporting the medium, the hose will be restored to its original shape under the elasticity of the squashed hose and the forced force of the side guide roller. At this time, a high vacuum will be generated in the hose. The medium is sucked into the tube cavity again; then the medium is discharged from the tube under the pressure of the subsequent pressure roller. Starting from this cycle, the medium is continuously sucked in and discharged.
Features of the industrial peristaltic pump:
1. No valve operation, no reverse flow, stable pumping flow and low failure rate.
2. Freely replace the suction port and discharge port. When the pump is blocked, the reversible pump can discharge the blockage.
3. High vacuum and strong self-priming ability.
4. Convenient maintenance, vulnerable parts (except extruded hose).

Industrial peristaltic pump

Before the industrial peristaltic pump oem starts to work, please make the following preparations before starting:
1. Check whether the lubricating oil in the reducer in the pump cavity is sufficient.
2. Check whether the inlet and outlet pipes of the pump are correctly installed and fixed. Whether the bolts on each flange are tightened.
3. Check whether the inlet valve and outlet valve of the pump are both open.
4. Press the start and stop buttons to start the pump, check whether the rotation of the motor matches the inlet and outlet of the pump, and check whether the pump is stuck.
Application of peristaltic pump oem:
1. Chemicals: corrosive, acids, alkalis, phosphate liquids, inorganic materials, crystalline liquids, suspensions, emulsions, resins, electroplating solutions, electrolytes, and sediments.
2. Agriculture: phosphate fertilizer, compound fertilizer, thick slurry, sedimentation sludge.
3. Construction: mortar, mortar, cement slurry, soil slurry, sludge slurry, lime slurry, foamed concrete, architectural coatings, refractory materials, accelerators, soft mud, waste water, sewage, etc.
4. Petroleum industry: drilling fluid, crude oil.
5. Coarse industry: ceramic embryo plasma, glaze, glaze.
6. Mining: gold slurry, tailings, thick slurry, filling material, underground drainage, adsorbent, slurry, mortar... 

Industrial peristaltic pump oem application

The industrial peristaltic pump oem has the good quality and easy to operate, if you are interested in the peristaltic pump oem, please contact us! Email: info@gaodetec.com.

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