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Hydroseeder for sale

2020-03-30 16:21:00

Hydroseeder for sale
Hydroseeder, dry spraying machine and ground pump spray machine are three kinds of equipment commonly used in slope greening construction.  The dry spraying machine itself has no conveying capacity and needs to be used together with the air compressor, thus the comprehensive construction cost is high.  The working efficiency of ground pump wet spraying machine is low.  The hydraulic seeder has high working efficiency and uniform spraying, and has become an effective vegetation planting method in greening projects such as highway and railway slope greening, mine greening, desert treatment, river bank protection and large-scale green space reconstruction.

Hydroseeder for sale

Gaodetec hydroseeder for sale is an efficient and multifunctional spraying machine. After repeated research and improvement in spraying and seeding machinery at home and abroad, it has continuously improved the contrast ratio, hydraulic stepless centralized control panel and other high technologies. Hydroseeder can be used for spraying on the surface or surface of rocks, soil, sand and other non-soil organic matter.  Spraying and sowing of mixed or similar materials, used for spraying the mixture of soil, water, fertilizer and other additives, is an ideal equipment for planting machinery and ecological restoration.

hydroseeder application

PB series hydroseeder is suitable for all kinds of rocks, hard soil, sandy soil, barren soil, acidic soil, arid areas, coastal dams and other places where plants are difficult to grow.  Widely used in highway slope greening, mine greening, ecological restoration and other projects.  It can play an irreplaceable role in preventing soil erosion, landslide and other soil and water conservation and slope protection projects.

hydroseeder for highway

The large-capacity hydraulic seeder sprays grass seeds, wood fibers and fertilizer on a water-based mixture.  It is usually used to plant grass on steep slopes to prevent soil erosion.

The process of watering and seeding includes mixing the fiber covering, fertilizer, water, seeds and lime sometimes mixed with lime together in a tank, and then directly coating the prepared ground with a spraying hose.  Once the lawn area is thoroughly sprayed, the wet fiber cover will bond with the soil and provide a water-retaining layer for the seeds to protect the seeds from sunlight, erosion and wind.  Once the seeds begin to germinate, the fiber mulch gradually decomposes, providing nutrients for the soil.  The sugar adding machine for spraying seeds is driven by a motor and is equipped with a high-efficiency special pump, so the material carrying capacity is strong.

Hydroseeder for slope

Main features of hydroseeder machine:
1) Anti-rust paint shall be used inside the storage tank. Anti-rust paint shall be used outside the storage tank first, and then common paint shall be used.
2) Strong mixing system and hydraulic motor drive.
3) Suitable for water-soluble treatment. Spraying materials may include a variety of soils, seeds, fertilizers, straw, wood, paper, cotton and water.
4) For your convenience, our hydroseeder machine can be designed as trailer type.
Gaodetec Equipment is a professional hydroseeder machine manufacturer, also with very rich project experience.

hydroseeder factory




hydroseeding equipment

Our hydroseeder is driven by a diesel engine, electronic control, and easy operation. And it is especially suitable for outdoor conditions, applicable to all kinds of rock slope, hard soil, poor soil, acidic soil, arid zones, clay soil and coastal dam etc.
In order to confirm which type hydroseeder machine suitable for your job, could you please help us to confirm the following information:
1. The project you do: for slope greening or playground greening or other?
2. The total working area.
3. The mixing material do you need? 6000L, 8000L or bigger or smaller mixing tank?
4. Could you please offer the slope photo which you will spray to us for reference, and what's the height of the slope?
Also you can email us and tell us your need about your project, our email address: info@gaodetec.com 
Suitable type and the best price will be offered to you once get your confirmation. Wish you have a booming business.

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