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Hydraulic jack for foundation reinforcement

2020-03-27 17:45:01

Hydraulic jack for foundation reinforcement
Gaodetec hydraulic jack for foundation reinforcement, we have hydraulic cylinder of different tonnages, so our hydraulic jack can adapt to a variety of construction occasions. First, let's understand the role of hydraulic cylinder in foundation reinforcement.
In the foundation construction of construction engineering, sometimes the plane axis position of the foundation is shifted due to some reason, which causes engineering accidents. For the technical treatment of such engineering accidents, the foundation is generally reinforced and reset by using hydraulic cylinder.

hydraulic jack for foundation reinforcement

There are several types, such as mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks, with different principles. In principle, hydraulic transmission means that the pressure across the liquid is the same. In this way, in a balanced system, the pressure applied to the smaller piston is smaller, and the pressure applied to the larger piston is larger. This keeps the liquid still. Therefore, through the transfer of liquid, different pressures on different ends can be obtained, so that the purpose of a transformation can be achieved. The hydraulic jacks we commonly use are based on this principle to achieve force transmission. The principle of the screw jack mechanism is to reciprocate the handle, pull the claws to push the ratchet gap back and forth, the small bevel gear drives the large bevel gear and rotates the weight lifting screw, so that the lifting sleeve can be lifted or lowered to achieve the lifting tension. But not as easy as a hydraulic jack.
Gaodetec have many hydraulic jacks for foundation reinforcement, we have double acting hydraulic jack and single acting hydraulic cylinder.in addition, we also have hollow hydraulic cylinder and solid hydraulic cylinder.
Gaodetec double acting hydraulic jack is not only used for foundation reinforcement, it can also be used for lifting heavy machine, bridge project, hydraulic engineering, harbour construction and other equipment. It has large output, light weight, remote control and other advantages, it can match with our high pressure oil pump, it can reach jack, push, pull and extrusion and kinds of working.

hydraulic cylinder for foundation reinforcement

1. Double-acting cylinder version for fast retraction.
2. Baked enamel finish for increasing corrosion resistance.
3. Safety valve in retract side of cylinder helps to prevent damage over-pressurization.
4. Interchangeable, hardened grooved saddles are standard.
5. Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life.
Gaodetec is a manufacturer specialized in R&D, manufacture and sale of hydraulic jack for foundation reinforcement. We have many standard models for your option, and we also could customize as per your requirement. Before we send quotation, please let us know the tonnage and stroke you required. 

electric oil pump for jack

We also can supply electric pump for you, if used with hydraulic jacks, please let me know its tonnage and stroke, single acting or double acting? Finally, what voltage it is on your local? It is 3 phase 380V 50Hz in China. We also could customize as per your requirement.
If you are interested in our hydraulic jack, electric pump or other hydraulic tool, welcome to send inquiry to us, thank you in advance.

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