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Foam generator for CLC blocks

2021-09-24 16:52:19

Foam generator for CLC blocks

Based on many years' experience in the production of equipment that manufactures CLC blocks, through the research of each technical engineer, we have developed this foam generator device, GR5 foam generator is an air, foam and water mixed. The foam machine includes an air compressor. Because high- pressure air is required to fully mix the material and then create foam. To fill china's foam concrete equipment production capacity is small, inefficient blank, has become China's foam concrete production equipment single machine, the largest enterprise.
If you need high-density foam concrete blocks, you need to add less foam, and if you want to make bricks with a smaller density, you need to add more foam.

CLC foam generator price

Function of foam generator for CLC blocks for building materials:
1. Produce rich and continuous bubbles. Foaming machine using high-pressure foaming technology, has good foaming performance, even high-quality, not fragile, accurate (foaming amount can be accurately controlled within mg). Foaming delicate even like cheese, a variety of foaming agents can be used at home and abroad. Suitable for plant foaming agent or animal foaming agent, foam diameter up to 0.2-0.6mm, good stability.

clc foam generator

2. Easy to operate, power on can produce bubbles
3. Widely used in: composite duct foaming aids and other environmentally friendly foaming concrete cut, light wall space, fire door core magnesium chloride, glass magnesium foam cement production line. 
4. Durable and easy to maintain. The case is made of high-strength precious steel plate, painted at 280oC temperature, and has a long service life.

foam concrete foam generator

5. According to customer requirements to adjust the power, reduce noise, reduce the amount of foaming agent, reduce energy consumption
6. The operation is simple. The machine saves production costs and improves economic efficiency.
7. This machine is the ideal equipment for foaming cement, light weight, small size, convenient, easy to carry, high efficiency.
8. The power of the equipment is the use of compressed air, short time, foam is independent mesh foam, foam rich, delicate, large number, light weight, move or suspension convenient to the floor construction
9. Foam even, even like cheese, at home and abroad a variety of foaming agents can be used

foam generator for CLC blocks

1. Basement, basement and arches filled
2. Filling of sewers and drains
3. Horizontal floor height
4. Construction of water tank and tank
5. Platform filling and patching
6. Garden and Fake Mountain
7. Foam concrete blocks
8. Foam concrete precast, hollow wall plate casting
9. Exterior insulation
10. Insulated roof
11. Insulation floor
12. Vertical beam base groove filling
13. Soundproofing and firewall
14. Playground and track construction
15. Soundproofing layer, tunnel lining fill

foam generator for foam concrete

If you want to get more details about Gaodetec foam generator for making CLC blocks, you can tell us freely. Email address: info@gaodetec.com 

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