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Hydraulic Stressing Prestressed Tension Jack Pump for Conveying Oil

2019-10-28 10:30:50

Hydraulic Stressing Prestressed Tension Jack Pump For Conveying Oil
Hydraulic pumps are is a hydraulic stressing jack pump for conveying oil, available in over 1,000 different configurations. No matter what speed, speed, control, intermittent or heavy-duty performance your high-pressure pump requires, you can ensure that you have the right hydraulic power unit for your application. Available in manual, electric, and petrol-driven models with a variety of tank and valve configurations to provide the most comprehensive line of high pressure pumps.

hydraulic stressing jack pump for conveying oil

Hydraulic stressing jack pump for conveying oil is two-speed design for stepless pressure regulation from 0-700 bar. Maximum working pressure is 700bar/10000psi. Flow rate: low pressure 8-20L⁄min, high pressure 1-2L⁄min. The type of hydraulic stressing jack pump for conveying oil is suitable for single acting and double acting cylinder jacks.

prestressed jack oil conveying pump

1. Spray coated surface, strong anti-corrosion and anti-staining ability.
2. Lightweight and compact design, the whole machine is light and easy to transport.
3. Two-stage pump design, low pressure and large flow rate, fast movement of the actuator during no-load, automatic switching between high and low pressure.
4. High pressure and large flow, this type of oil conveying pump is very suitable for large tonnage jacks.
5. An adjustable pressure valve is standard, making it easy to recalibrate the working pressure and prevent pressure overload.
6. Standard motor starter with overload and leakage protection.
7. Durable directional control valve for single-acting and double-acting jacks, with electromagnetic reversing valve for remote operation; PLC control is optional.

hydraulic tension jack conveying oil pump

Our hydraulic stressing jack pump can be matching with kinds of single acting or double acting hydraulic jack/cylinder/ram, we also could accept customize according to your requirements, welcome to inquiry us, thanks so much.

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