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Recessed hydraulic filter press for coal washing

2020-06-19 18:14:24

Recessed hydraulic filter press for coal washing
Recessed hydraulic filter press also called hydraulic chamber filter press, this type filter press is widely used in the coal washing process. When recessed filter press machine used in coal washing, the automatic fast opening type filter press is the most used.

recessed filter press for coal washing

Our automatic fast open chamber / recessed filter press for coal washing use micro computer processor, PLC and touch screen to control every part's action, such as: cylinder, plate shifter, cloth washing, automatic feeding material, etc.
High efficiency automatic fast open recessed filter press machine expended the length of cylinder and can discharged several cakes every time. The advantages are stable performance, high efficiency and lower running cost. 
The fast open system can increase the cake discharging efficiency 3-6 times, especially for the filter press that have a large quantity of plates and need frequent operations, such as the coal washing.

hydraulic filter press for coal washing

The fast open hydraulic filter press for coal washing adds a fast discharge function on the basis of the PLC control automatic chamber filter press, that is, the filter plates are connected with a chain, and with the assistance of the plate shifter, three filter plates can be pulled at once. Although the fast opening filter press is not as fast as the once open filter press, which can pull all the filter plates at once time, but when the fast opening filter press is used, it is not affected by the number of filter plates of the filter press, the number of filter plates can be more than 20pcs, and does not take up much space.

recessed filter press machine

In order to maintain the normal work of the recessed filter press machine during coal washing, the following points should be achieved:
1. Carefully check whether the joints are firm and whether the parts are used well. If there are any abnormalities, the maintenance personnel should be notified in time for maintenance.
2. The electrical control system need be regularly tested for insulation and reliability. If it is found that the action accuracy caused by electrical components is poor and inflexible, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
3. Regular inspections for parts such as manipulators, chains, etc., to keep the matching parts clean, good lubrication performance, to ensure flexible movements, the synchronization of the manipulator and the drape of the chain should be adjusted in time.
4. The maintenance of the hydraulic system is mainly the inspection and maintenance of the sealing of the hydraulic components at the interface
5. Check the filter plate frequently to ensure that it is smooth and clean.
6. Before pressing, the filter cloth should be carefully checked to ensure that it is not damaged or slag inclusion, so that it is flat and intact, and the filter effect is guaranteed; at the same time, the filter cloth need be washed frequently to ensure the filter performance of the filter cloth.
If you are interested in our coal washing recessed filter press, you can send us a email or just chat online for more information: info@gaodetec.com           

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