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Sludge dewatering hydraulic filter press machine

2020-06-18 17:50:24

Sludge dewatering hydraulic filter press machine
We all know that there are many types of sludge dewatering filter presses, such as PLC control automatic filter press, membrane filter press, hydraulic filter press, manual jack filter press, cast iron filter press and so on. 

sludge dewatering filter press

But if we simply classify the sludge filter presses, the filter presses mentioned above are only divided into manual jack filter press and hydraulic filter press. The reason is no matter the PLC control automatic filter press, membrane filter press or cast iron filter press, they all based on the hydraulic filter press, just add some function or change the material of the filter plate.
Therefore, the application of sludge hydraulic filter press is extremely wide: coal washing, mining, alcohol, petroleum, chemical, dyestuff, metallurgy, medicine, foodstuff, textile, printing and dyeing, waste water, paper making and sewage treatment industries, etc.

sludge hydraulic filter press

A filtration cycle of the sludge hydraulic filter:
The filter is an intermittent dehydration process. Each loop operation includes the following steps:
1- Press off: Before the filter machine officially begins, the filter plate of the filter press must be pressed under the action of the jack or hydraulic cylinder to prevent material during the dewatering process of sludge.
2- Filling: In this chamber space, the sludge is filled for filtration. The filling time of the filter press depends on the flow rate of the feed pump. For sludge with good filtration, it is best to fill the filter quickly before filling the last chamber to avoid forming a filter element in the first chamber.
3- Filtration: Once the chamber is filled, the sludge will continue to dehydrate and dehydrate. This is because a thicker layer of filtered sludge is formed on the filter cloth, causing the pressure to increase. The filtered phase can be stopped manually by the timer or by the filter flow indicator. When the filter rate is reached, the led will sound a stop alarm. When you used a membrane filter, the cake is squeezed for a second time to reduce moisture content. This filter time depends on the nature of the filter material, and the filter itself is not related, the filter itself can not control the length of filtration time.

3- Filter opening: When the filtrate in the filter press drops less, you can open the filter press to discharge. Discharge can be divided into manual discharge and automatic discharge. Under normal circumstances, if the number of filter plates is less than 40 pcs, and the area of the filter plate is less than 1000*1000mm, manual unloading is recommended. It is fast and can also reduce the cost of the filter press. When the filter press is relatively large, an automatic discharge system is needed, which can reduce the cost of human resources. The fall of the cake is the result of its own weight. If the moisture content of the filter cake material is higher, the viscosity is higher and manual assistance is required.

sludge hydraulic filter press

4- Wash: Wash your clothes every 15-30 times. For medium or large equipment, you can use a self-contained cleaning device for automatic cleaning.
The filter press is suitable for almost all types of sludge:
Hydrophilic Organic Sludge: Inorganic conditioning is usually recommended to achieve satisfactory cake release with minimal compliance on the filter cloth.
Hydrophilic inorganic sludge: The filter press generally only requires the addition of lime.
Hydrophobic inorganic sludge: High density, ideal for filtration machines. It is dehydrated and has no initial conditions.
Oily sludge: Filters can be used to treat sludge containing light oil, and the presence of grease can sometimes impair the smooth operation of the filter; clothes have to be degreased at frequent intervals.
If you want to know more about the sludge dewatering filter press, please contact us: info@gaodetec.com

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