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Recessed filter press for coarse whiting

2020-08-28 17:30:09

Recessed filter press for coarse whiting
How much do you know about filter press? Let’s tell you something about it, we will start from 4 aspects:
1. What’s the function of the filter press?
Filter press for coarse whiting can be divided into plate and frame type and recessed plate and are used for soild-liquid separation of various suspending liquid in intermittent pressure filtration. Filter press are pressed by pressing devices and suspending liquid is pumped into the filter chamber. Solid part and liquid are separated through filter cloth. The products are simply in structure but good in separating effects, convenient in use.

recessed filter press for coarse whiting

2. What is the working principle of the filter press?
The working principle of a recessed filter press for coarse whiting is putting the filter cloth on the filter plate before working, and then operate the filter press to drive the pressing rod to tightly press the pressing plate against the filter plate. Start the feed pump to feed the material into the filter press through the feed port. The material enters the filter chamber through the channel on the filter plate. Under the pressure of the feed pump, the liquid penetrates through the filter cloth and enters the filter plate, and then passes through the channel on the filter plate. After entering the liquid outlet and collecting, it flows out from the liquid outlet. The filter cake is trapped in the filter chamber until the filter cake fills the filter chamber, then stop the feed pump, loosen the pressure plate, and then pull the filter plate piece by piece to the direction of the pressure plate to remove the filter cake and re-enter The next work cycle.

filter press for coarse whiting

3. Where can we used the filter press?
The function of recessed filter press is used for soild-liquid separation, in theory, all the work of solid-liquid separation can be completed by the filter press or filter. In our life, the filter press is widely used in: 
1. Coarse whiting
2. Municipal Sewage Sludge and Minerals Industries
3. Activated Earth, Alum Sludge, Aerobically & anaerobically digested Wastes
4. Reclamation of Metals, Retention Ponds & Pits
5. Units of Hotels & Resorts
6. Tiles & Television Tube Manufacturing Industries
7. Insulator (Electricity) Industries
8. Fertilizers, Foodstuff & Food Color Industries
9. Insecticides Plants & Electricity Industries
10. Lime soda Ash softening Sludge
11. Textiles and process House Wastes
12. Effluent Treatment Plants
13. Reclamation of Metals
14. Incineration (Waste Treatment) Plants
15. Non-ferrous & Ferrous Metal Complexes
16. Dyes, Pigments & Dairy Industries
17. Inorganic & Organic Chemicals
18. Sugar & Steel Mill Wastes
19. Tanning Industries
20. Retention Ponds & Pits
21. Intermediates & Chemicals
22. Environment Protection Plants
23. Starch, Sugar & Steel Mill Wastes

filter press for coarse whiting

4. What are the characteristics of the coarse whiting filter press?
1. PP plates have outstanding performance in high pressure and high pressure resisting; and they are good at acid & alkali resisting.
2. Hydraulic station is steady in operation and easy in maintenance. Cylinder can realize 20-25MPa high closing pressure and ensure lowest cake moisture.
3. Control system can realize fully automatic operation, such as auto closing, auto opening, automatic plate shifting, so that to save working time and labor force
4. Structure is made of high quality carbon steel Q345b and processed with sand blasting to remove rust and getting higher intensity and corrosion resistance.
5. All beams are produced by making use of submerged arc auto welding technology.
6. Side bars are covered by stainless steel 304, which can improve work efficiency of plate shifter. 
7. Good filter cloth features of high solid capture and easy to discharge cakes.
8. Every filter press will do operation test to ensure best performance.

These 4 aspects just parts of the filter press, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us: info@gaodetec.com 

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