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Hose pump for filter press

2021-02-15 19:19:52

Hose pump for filter press
Choosing high-quality hose pumps for filter press can ensure that they have fewer problems during actual operation. Of course, you can also save a lot of trouble. Some people say, in which areas have these good products made breakthroughs? It mainly helps solve the problem from two aspects.
It chooses a double-impeller structure to make its performance better. Even at low speed and high pressure, it can not only ensure the overload problem during operation, but also improve the maintenance of the pump. It can also minimize the wear and tear of the pump, thereby ensuring a longer pump life and a better operating experience.
The impeller chooses the reverse installation method, and also chooses the pressure seal structure, which can avoid the leakage problem during the operation of the hose pump to the greatest extent, ensure the safety of operation and avoid unnecessary waste.

hose pump

The hose pump for filter press can work under the condition of continuous infusion, and at the same time find and solve many difficult infusion problems in time. It can transport sewage, suspended solids, corrosive chemicals and other difficult fluids at a flow rate of up to 40 liters per minute. The drive can be used in harsh working environments. In addition, the automatic filling and dry conveying functions of the hose pump can also avoid catastrophic failures in many industrial systems.
Our peristaltic squeeze hose pump can be used to feed the filter press. The output and pressure can be customized according to your requirements. Depending on your project, the process can be intermittent or continuous. More and more suppliers choose peristaltic hose pumps as feed pumps.

This GH100-1050B peristaltic squeeze hose pump is designed for filter press feed according to the project of American customer. According to needs, the connector is a stainless steel flange type, and the gearbox is a SEW gearbox, which has higher transmission efficiency and smaller size.

hose pump for filter press

The Gaodetec hose pump for filter press is the best choice for the feed pump of filter press. When using screw pumps and diaphragm pumps, you may now encounter problems. Otherwise you have to pay high maintenance costs. Just contact us and we will provide you with the best solution. Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in hose pumps. If you encounter any questions about the hose pump of the filter press, please feel free to contact us. 

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