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How to connect the high pressure oil pipe with 250 tons hydraulic jack?

2019-11-08 18:17:53

How to connect the high pressure oil pipe with 250 tons hydraulic jack? 
The split type of 250 tons hydraulic jack is easy to handle, because the structure is separate, only the hydraulic jack is transported to the project site, and the 250 tons jack is placed in the correct position, the super high pressure oil pipe is connected to one end, and the other end is connected with the pump station. The jack can be operated.

250 tons hydraulic jack

Let's take a look at how to connect the 250 tons hydraulic jack with high pressure oil pipe?
The part connecting the oil pipe and the 250 tons hydraulic jack has a corresponding joint, and the hydraulic jack connected to the jack is a female joint, and the joint of the oil pipe is a male joint. Pick up the tubing, align its male connector with the female connector of the hydraulic jack, and push it inside. This step must feel the two push and fit, and hear the mechanical micro-sound. This means that the common female connector is completely connected, and then the screw sleeve on the female connector is lightly selected to the external thread on the male connector until it cannot be dazzled. The tubing here is considered to be a successful connection with the jack.

high pressure oil pipe with hydraulic jack

We often encounter a situation when repairing, that is, the user feedback that the hydraulic jack has been leaking after hitting a certain degree. Later, after on-site investigation, it was discovered that the problem caused by the negligence of such a small step. At the scene, I just pulled out the tubing and put it on, and the 250 tons hydraulic jack could work again. In fact, if the user has read the product description before using the product, this kind of failure can be completely avoided. Please do not let the users not affect the progress of the project because of this small sloppy, because once the construction, it often consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. Once a certain department in the construction process stops working, it will lead to the stagnation of the whole project. The loss can be imagined.

hydraulic jack

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