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Stressing jack for bridge girders construction

2019-12-17 14:59:30

Stressing jack for bridge girders construction
Stressing jack is mainly used for bridge girders construction and prestressed concrete continuous box girder and steel-concrete concrete beams are increasingly used in the construction of roads, railways and bridges.

stressing jack for bridge girders

About how to install stressing jack and electric hydraulic pump as follow:
First connect the oil pump and the oil pipe to the jack. Please note that the calibration jack should be connected to the corresponding oil gauge. When installing the stressing jack, be careful not to pull the tubing and its fittings. Do not wrap or twist the tubing.
If the stressing jack of the tubing is not used for a long time and reinstalled, it should be reciprocated three times or more, and then apply pressure to eliminate the air until the stressing jack is free from crawling and jumping.
Prestressed tendons should pass directly through the jack and cannot be crossed and misaligned. The stressing jack shaft should be perpendicular to the limit plate.

stressing jack for concrete girders

In the application, stressing jack for bridge girders is still necessary to carry out scientific and rational management according to the characteristics of the prestressed concrete structure. In a sense, this is also the basis of engineering construction. Since the prestressed concrete structure has a high standard on the tensile stress ribs, it is necessary to carry out a serious management process in strict accordance with the storage requirements to ensure the quality and safety of the prestressed steel bars, which must be strictly in accordance with the requirements. Storage, construction of prestressed concrete structures and management of construction processes. Construction units must pay sufficient attention to technology and management.

stressing jack for bridge girders construction

Gaodetec Brand stressing Jacks offer great flexibility to match anchors of different types and configurations. The limiting plate (also called the front plate) and the splint (also known as the rear plate) are not permanently fixed to the stress jack. For example, pressure work using 12, 15 and 19 strand anchors. You can use the same “stress jack” to accomplish all the stress work of these different types of anchors. By changing the limits and splints, it offers greater flexibility when using the same stress jack for different anchor configurations. This is greatly reduces the need to use multiple stress jacks for different anchor types at the same work location. Operators can fully optimize the use of these pressure jacks with minimal investment and reduce the need to maintain interchangeable pressure jacks. This improves the efficiency and productivity of the job site. Fewer pressure jacks also mean less maintenance and calibration costs.

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