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how much does a gunite machine cost?

2022-05-23 17:30:15

How much does a gunite machine cost?
Many costumers ask about the cost of the concrete spraying machine, of course the most favorable price for direct sales at the factory. We can provide gunite machine cost, shotcrete machine cost and customized services and comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. Gaodetec is a factory manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment. The concrete gunite machine products produced are exported all over the world, with leading technology and superior quality.
Dry mix gunite machine is to add dry additives to the dry nozzle, add water to the nozzle, use a hand-held nozzle to spray concrete and manually install a large amount of accelerator. GZ-9 series dry-mix concrete gunite machine is large-sized concrete shotcrete machine for the spraying process. GZ-9 series concrete unite machine can be used for large-section tunnel building, mine, etc.

GZ-9 series dry-mix concrete gunite machine feature:
1. Variable output with variable-frequency drive.
2. Heavy-duty solid wheels.
3. Coulping and clamp.
4. Light weight nozzle.

gunite machine cost

Wet sprayer gunite machine is to mix the mixed dry material into the hopper of the mixer manually, open the air valve and the ball valve of the water adding device, and the material is humidified by the mixer and mixed evenly, and then sent to the sprayer. Then, the mixed material is sprayed to the sprayed surface by the conveying pressure gas through the feed pipe and the spray head. When the mixture enters the nozzle and is about to be sprayed out, it is mixed with the liquid accelerator set by the accelerator pump to achieve the purpose of accelerating the setting of the concrete. Compared with the dry spray machine, the wet spray machine for mine has obvious advantages-the mix ratio of wet sprayed concrete is easy to control; the rebound rate is low, which can effectively control the cost; the dust concentration during construction is small; the productivity is high; the equipment material wear is small .

shotcrete machine cost

Matters needing attention in the use of gunite machine:
When the concrete shotcrete machine is performing the shotcrete operation, if there is no material suddenly sprayed at the nozzle, there will generally be two situations: One is when the pipe will be blocked. At this time, although the conveying pipeline is not blocked, the conveying condition inside the conveying pipeline deteriorates. At this time, the vibrator should be turned off, and the mixed material in the conveying pipeline is sprayed out, and the pressure in the pipeline is restored to open the normal working range. The second is that a pipe blockage has occurred, and the feed pipe has been blocked. At this time, the machine should be shut down, and then the feed pipe should be cleaned (note: the pressure in the feed pipe should be reduced before the cyclone or pipe is disassembled 0), when confirming that there is no fault in the pipeline, please restart the machine to resume normal work according to the operating procedure.

gunite machine for sale

If you are interested in our products, Welcome to contact us, we can provide product customization services. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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