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Tensioning and stressing equipment for girders and concrete pile

2020-04-29 10:34:10

Tensioning and stressing equipment for girders and concrete pile
This paper mainly introduces tensioning and stressing equipment for girders and concrete pile, the pressure equipment and work in bridge and construction. We use post-sheeting and pre-stress methods as well as techniques in bridge or construction.
Bridge Post-Tension work for bridge in China is to tighten the two jacks from both sides of the bridge girders, using two jacks mounted on both sides. We offer rear tension jacks and pumps ranging from 24 tons to 1200 tons.

bridge post-tension work

Pre-stress methods are commonly used in prestressed concrete engineering, such as prefabricated plants, prefabricated bed plates, bending moments of bridges, etc. We offer 24 tons and 27 tons of single jacks, 65 tons to 1000 tons of lifting jacks for pre-stress work.
Post tension ducts, reinforcing bar and vent pipes installation and fixing for bridge girder, tensioning and stressing equipment for girders and concrete pile.
1. Galvanized metal ducts for rear tension

tensioning and stressing equipment

2. Black HDPE plastic catheter for rear tension

Continuous bridge concrete pile

3. HDPE plastic tube with yellow, can be carried out after tension, the effect is amazing

tensioning and stressing equipment for girders

4. Installation and fixing of exhaust pipes

tensioning and stressing equipment concrete pile

5. Rebar installation and fixing to carry out rear tension

stressing equipment for concrete pile

6. Round anchor block, wedge block, anchor support plate and rebar installation

Post-Tension work for bridge

7. Flat anchor block, wedge block, anchor load plate and steel bar installation

Post-Tension work

Continuous bridge concrete pile:
In bridge girders, especially railways, high-speed railways, highway projects, continuous bridge girders are used to connect beams and beams, in the bridge construction is a very important part. We often use multi-stranded anchor couplers in continuous bridges. Our multi-stranded anchor coupler range features a single anchor-solid coupler, from 2-well to 55-well multi-stranded anchor coupler.
Multi-stranded anchor coupler includes: anchor coupler body, end anchor (anchor anchor), anchor coupler support plate, coil spring ring, wedge, constraint ring, cavity shape molder (we usually use metal material cavity molding).
Multi-stranded anchor coupler for rear tension

Post-Tension bridge

Multi-stranded anchor connector for rear tension

prestressed concrete engineering

Tail end anchor (anti-loose anchor), for rear tension

Prestressed concrete pile

Sometimes we use the H-shaped ball to secure the anchor

stressing equipment for girders

H-shaped spherical end anchor for bridge surface construction

concrete pile

Tighten the jack and pump after tension

  Post tension duct

Gaodetec is a hydraulic tensioning and stressing equipment professional manufacturer and supplier for 20 years engaged in the research, development, production, sale, and service of hydraulic tension jack, post-tension anchorage, hydraulic oil pump, PC strand etc.  Our hydraulic tensioning and stressing equipment have been exported to clients in such countries and regions as Malaysia, Philippines, UAE, USA, Singapore etc. countries. We also welcome OEM and ODM orders for you. Any interest, you can tell us freely. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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