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Grouting injection machine cost

2021-02-24 15:41:30

Grouting injection machine cost
The grouting injection machine is key equipment in the construction of roads, mines, buildings and other scenes. Performance, quality and access to the heavy duty grouting injection pump play a decisive role in the security, quality and efficiency of construction projects. The grouting injection machine must be carefully selected. If a grouting injection machine is chosen randomly or blindly, it may not reach the expected results at a high price, and more serious can cause engineering accidents. Therefore, it is very important to scientifically choose a grouting injection machine with good quality!
Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. It is an enterprise specializing in the design, production and sale of grouting injection machine for construction projects. As grouting injection machine for sale, we have many different types of grouting injection machine, piston pumps, piston pumps, jury pumps that displacing tightening. Pump for high pressure reserving, the pump for fixing the average pressure and reserved low pressure pump is suitable for various projects.

grouting injection machine

The grouting injection machine is a horizontal hydraulic pump used to pump a cement suspension or bentonite suspension and other liquid mixtures. It is suitable for injecting consolidation and accumulation in the bowels, and can even be used for long-term transportation of the material. The cost of foreign injection in injection uses two generic high pressure to maintain stream consistency. Draw and offset and offset are meaninglessly adjustable. Little size and convenient control.
 grouting injection pump
The grouting injection machine runs the engine and the high pressure drive pump. The outflow of the oil pump with the gear pump is included in the hydraulic reverse image valve block through the overcrowded valve, and the hydraulic reverse image valve unit controls the cylinder for reciprocity. Since the cylinder and the working cylinder is synchronously and the diameter and the course of the working cylinder coincide the same way as in the cylinder, the displacement and pressure of the working cylinder are mainly similar to that of the cylinder. At both ends of the working cylinder there is a set of suction valves, which can suck and release the same suspension. Two different suspensions can be high and discharged. The grouting injection machine is mainly used in the field of engineering construction fields, such as railways, highway, tunnels, water supply and hydropower, metro tunnels, shaft tunnels, military facilities, various underground structures and emergency salvation.
The grouting injection machine of our company has the following competitive advantages:
1. Infinitely adjustable pressure and offset draw.
2. Simple structure, light weight, ease of operation and convenient maintenance.
3. The impulse is small; Continuous exit high, and the output double doubles the piston piston.
4. Several spare parts that significantly reduce maintenance costs.
5. Powerful functions, and counters for recording and displaying the time of the reciprocating period of the plant pumping and so on.
6. High safety performance, the engine has an overload protection function, and the hydraulic system has an oil temperature and overheating protection.
7. Electric motor and hydraulic drive. As soon as overpressure occurs at any time, the hydraulic safety protection mechanism will be activated.

Our company has a professional development team of engineering designers, so if you are looking for a direct delivery on the factory supplier or have a good price of grouting injection machine, we can customize and develop exclusive solutions for you. You can consult with me freely. Email: info@gaodetec.com.

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