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Grass seeds hydro seeder with soil

2021-02-25 17:46:47

Grass seeds hydro seeder with soil
The grass seeds hydro seeder with soil is a professional equipment for spraying and planting grass, which can quickly spray the plant growth substrate and grass seeds on a large area of slope and land to achieve rapid spraying and greening effects. Spraying grass planting and spraying planting protection technology is to use the principle of liquid seeding to scientifically treat plant seeds that are tenacious and can meet various greening functions with fertilizer, planting soil, fiber materials, water-retaining agents, adhesives and water. Put the mixture into the mixing tank of the sprayer according to a certain proportion, stir the mixture evenly, spray the mixture directly to the slope surface through the sprayer centrifugal pump or introduce a hose to transport it to the slope surface to form a uniform coating under the protection of Plant seed layer, then lay non-woven protection, and carry out the construction technology of compulsory greening of slope surface.

grass seeds hydro seeder

The scope of application of the grass seeds hydro seeder:
1. Various high and steep bare rock (soil) slopes of highways, tunnels, railways and rivers;
2. Landslide slope;
3. Dam slope of water conservancy project;
4. Quarry, mining field, waste residue dump;
5. Concrete spray anchor slope;
6. Slag hill, red mud hill and garbage hill of factory waste;
7. Barren mountains, barren beaches, deserts, barren hills, etc.;
8. Windproof and sand fixation, control soil erosion, and conserve water sources;
9. Large-scale land afforestation and urban greening.
grass seeds hydro seeder with soil
How to improve the hydro seeder with soil effect during use? We need to pay attention to the following points:
1. The spraying sowing area should be managed and maintained in time, and soil amendments (such as water-retaining agents) and adhesives should be used to ensure the effect of spraying and seeding, and necessary treatments for the flat bed, including land consolidation and fertilization. 
2. To meet the hydro seeder with soil spraying requirements, the appropriate fertilizer and amount should be selected to make the seeds grow fast and firm. 
3. The proportion of fiber coverings selected by the spray planter should be appropriate to ensure the germination and growth of the seeds.
4. The spray irrigation plan and irrigation volume should be determined according to the meteorological conditions. When necessary, appropriate moisturizing measures should be taken, appropriate lawn seeds or stolons should be selected, and the sowing rate should be determined.
5. The soil sprayed should be analyzed, and the soil should be improved if necessary.

When the grass seeds hydro seeder with soil is greening the slope, it is mainly through the construction of short anchor rods and galvanized iron wire on the stable rock slope, and then the guest soil spray planter is used to spray the evenly mixed planting substrate to the slope. On the surface, plants rely on the "substrate" to grow and develop to form a construction pull technique for plant slope protection, which can achieve the purpose of restoring vegetation, improving landscape, and protecting the environment. The grass seeds hydro seeder with soil has the dual functions of protecting side slopes and restoring vegetation, and can replace traditional spray anchor protection, stone slope protection and other construction measures. 

If you are interested in the 
grass seeds hydro seeder with soil, please contact us freely, info@gaodetec.com.

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