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Single acting hollow hydraulic plunger jack

2021-02-23 18:03:59

Single acting hollow hydraulic plunger jack
The single acting hollow hydraulic plunger jacks are small light and lifting equipment. It uses rigid lifting parts as a working device to lift heavy objects through the top frame or bottom claw with a small stroke. Jacks are widely used to support the weight of equipment on heavy vehicles or mobile equipment, and to adjust important hydraulic components of the equipment level. The hollow hydraulic plunger jacks we often see use this principle to achieve force transmission.

single acting hollow hydraulic jack

Single acting hollow hydraulic jacks are suitable for machining, maintenance and towing operations. The special hollow piston design enables the draw rod or steel cable to pass through the entire hydraulic jack for lifting or jacking operations, usually used for backward traction and forward extrusion operations; when equipped with interchangeable steel reinforced piston bases, it can also be used for conventional jacking operations.

Single acting hollow hydraulic plunger jack

Hollow hydraulic plunger jacks are more suitable for tensioning steel or steel wire bundles used as traction tools. Hollow hydraulic plunger jack is a tool product often used in mechanical operations. When people use it, they must pay attention to many things. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents, all parts must be checked less before use.

Before use, you must check whether all parts of the jack are normal. If any abnormality is found, it must not be used. When using, you should strictly abide by the provisions of the main parameters, and remember not to make it too high or overload, otherwise the lifting height and lifting tonnage will exceed the specified weight, and the top of the jack will start to operate oil spill. When the oil volume of the pump station is insufficient, it is necessary to add 33# anti-wear hydraulic oil to the oil tank to start working. The pressure link of the hand pump only needs to comply with the two principles of no over stroke and no overpressure.

There are many types of hollow hydraulic plunger jacks, which are widely used in building lifting, road and bridge maintenance, mines, slope tunnel maintenance, mining machinery maintenance and other mechanical equipment. The weight that can be lifted can reach thousands of tons, but its own weight is only tens of kilograms. Adults can carry it, and can maintain a very stable lifting of heavy objects during use. Of course, this is because its hydraulic structure determines its existing functions.

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