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Double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinders

2021-02-26 14:57:35

Double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinders

Double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinders are used for power maintenance, bridge repair, heavy lifting, static pile driving, foundation subsidence, bridges, especially in highway and railroad construction, mechanical adjustment, equipment disassembly, etc. Double acting hydraulic cylinders used for repair and construction of ships and ships. High tonnage hydraulic cylinders are widely used due to their compact structure, stable work and self-locking. The double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinders are driven by human or electricity and by hydraulic systems that use cylinders or pistons as lift parts. Flood jacks can be divided into integrated type and separate type. The integrated pump is integrated with the hydraulic cylinder, another pump is separated from the hydraulic cylinder, and the center is connected by a high pressure hose. The double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinder has a compact structure and can stably lift heavy objects. It is widely used because it has a maximum lifting capacity of 2,000 tons and high transmission efficiency.

double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinders

The double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinders can be used with the electric pump, and then can provide more lifting capacity. And the double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinders can be divided into solid and hollow series, we can provide according to your requirements, and please state the clear tonnage and stroke.

double acting hollow hydraulic cylinders

Our double acting hydraulic cylinders are designed with a safety pressure retention device that limits the stroke with hydraulic retraction and overflow features to prevent sudden over pressure. Due to the special structure, the high tonnage hydraulic cylinders has multiple protective effects, and the eccentric load capacity reaches 5% of the rated load capacity of the hydraulic cylinder. High pressure alloy cylinders are durable and easy to operate, control and jack, especially in large scale engineering.

double acting high tonnage hydraulic jack

1. If the amount of oil in the pump body is insufficient, it is necessary to add hydraulic oil to the pump before the pump operates.
2. Estimate the lifting weight and avoid overload.
3. Determine the center of gravity of the lifted object and select the point of jack force. At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether the ground is soft or difficult to fill with strong wood to avoid the danger of dumping when lifting.
4. After the double acting hydraulic cylinders lifts the heavy object must be firmly supported by strong wood. The use of jacks as a support is prohibited. It is forbidden to use multiple jacks at the same time to avoid uneven load dumping risk.
5. When using, first connect the quick connector of the hand pump to the top, then select the position and tighten the oil drain screw of the oil pump to operate. Loosen the oil drain screw and unload the oil cylinder.

If you are interested in double acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinders, maybe you can contact us! Email: info@gaodetec.com

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