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Foam concrete components and production methods

2014-11-13 15:12:29

Foam concrete components and production methods
Foam concrete, the basic raw material for cement, lime, water, foam, on the basis of adding some packing, aggregate and admixture.Commonly used for packing and aggregate, sand, fly ash, ceramsite and crushed stone dust, expanded polystyrene, expanded perlite, benzene, fine aggregate, the commonly used additive with ordinary concrete, for the water reducing agent, waterproofing agent, retarder, coagulant, and so on.
Foam concrete production methods have wet slurry method and dry mortar method two kinds.Wet slurry method is usually in the cement concrete mixing station, sand and water, stir into slurry, mixing of locomotive and car type shipped to the site, again to add separate bubbles made of cement mortar, mixer will foam and mortar mix well, then good preparation foam concrete pump truck delivery or on-site construction directly.Dry mortar method is to do their components (such as cement, fly ash) by bulk transport or transmission system to the construction site, dry mixing components and water in the construction site, and then to add separate bubbles made of cement mortar, both within the homogenization machine mixing, and then used for site construction.

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