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Borehole grouting plant for sale

2020-08-19 15:24:19

Borehole grouting plant for sale
We can provide a specialist borehole grouting service for ground and underground engineering such as highway, railway, hydro-power, construction, mining, etc.

grout mixing plant for borehole

Borehole grouting plant has been used in the word for more than 30 years. On the basis of improving the filling technology, a great improvement is made to the slurry machine. Now high pressure grout machine and borehole grout technology have been widely used in the world. The advantages of compacted grouting are obvious. It prevents and corrects the subsidence of the building. Due to the use of natural materials, there is no contamination of groundwater. It is vibration-free, noise-free and suitable for execution on streets or residential areas.

borehole grouting plant

The price of the borehole grouting plant usually varies according to the grout flow and the grout pressure. Other data, such as power (electric power grout machines are usually cheaper than diesel engine grout scouting equipment at the same flow and at the same pressure). Of course, the brand and quality of the main components also affect the price.

grout plant for borehole

Generally, good grouting plant should be environmentally friendly, good mechanical performance, no noise, no pollution. High efficiency, in a matter of seconds to reach 0-20Mpa operating pressure. Advanced technology, time-saving, labor-saving and efficient. Safe and reliable grout machine, reliable process, reasonable structure, safe use. Multi-functional grout machine should be multi-functional machine, can be used to plug leakage grout, solidified grout, crack reinforcement grout. Non-destructive structure: direct slurry, do not open the groove, do not bury the pipe, the structure in the filling operation is not damaged.

borehole grout plant

Application for borehole grouting plant:
1. Civil engineering-dams, tunnels, subways, mines, soil-nailed walls, curtains, bolts, cable trenches, bolt grouting;
2. Building structure-bridge repair, foundation reinforcement, slope support, soil compaction, rock grouting;
3. Engineering-underwater foundation, offshore platform, coastal foundation grouting reinforcement
4. Mine application-roadway reinforcement, backfill, waterproof grouting.

borehole grouting plant for sale

In order to recommend one suitable type and quote about the borehole grouting plant, please help us to confirm the following points:
1. What project will use the hydraulic grout station for, dam grouting, tunnel grouting or other?
2. What is the pressure do you need?
3. What is the output do you need?
4. Would you like the hydraulic grout station with electric motor or diesel engine? If want the grout injection plant wok with electric motor, also please confirm the voltage in the worksite. Is it 3 phase, 380v, 50HZ?

If you have any questions or have any requirements for the colloid borehole grouting plant, please contact us. Once the detailed requirements of the colloid grouting plant are determined, we will provide you with a better solution in the first time. Please contact us immediately to learn more about the grouting business!

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