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How much dose a filter press cost?

2020-06-17 16:43:59

How much dose a filter press cost?

Hey, friend, when you are planing to buy a filter press for your project, which is more essential in your decision- price, quality, or delivery? No matter which one is the most important, the price will take a important role in it.

filter press cost

When you get 2 filter press quotations, when the prices of these 2 quotations are similar, besides simply comparing their parameters, how can you roughly judge these 2 filter presses cost? 
Normally speaking, a membrane filter press price is higher than a high pressure chamber filter press cost, the high pressure chamber filter press price will be higher than a normal chamber filter press. Based on the different shape of filter plate, if the parameter of filter press is similar, a round plate filter press cost will be higher than a square filter press.

filter press price

Of course, this is simply to roughly distinguish the price from the type of filter press and the shape of the filter plate. When the type of filter press is consistent with other aspects, it is the material of the filter press that determines the price of a filter press. 
Such as our company filter press frame are used Q345B carbon steel, this is a Low-alloy high-strength steel with high manganese content and tensile strength of 470-630MPa. Some company used Q235B carbon steel as the frame material, this is a carbon structural steel, is ordinary steel, with tensile strength of 375-500MPa. Material of frame alone will make a big difference in price, not to mention the filter plate material.

filter press for sale

If you buy a filter press with a not good quality, after a long time ship time, there is a risk of damage to the filter plate, and there is a risk of deformation of the frame of the filter press. When the filter plate is damaged, you may be able to find a suitable filter plate to replace in the local area, but the additional cost incurred in it, what should you do when the frame is damaged? If you resell this filter press to your customer, what’s your customer feeling when he saw the machine? Therefore, when we choose the filter press, we can not only pay attention to the price, but also check the material of the filter press, etc.
Regarding the question of how much does a filter press cost, different companies and different brands will have differences, but there will be a price range in the industry, generally within such a price range. In addition, the better the filter press quality, the higher the price. Different materials will have different prices. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize about how much a filter press is. It also depends on whether consumers value quality more or price, so it is important to choose the right one. If you want to know more about the price of filter press, you can consult online or send email to know more: info@gaodetec.com

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