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Influence of Environmental Factors on Seed Emergence in Hydroseeding Machine

2022-08-22 14:10:36

How do the environmental factors of the hydroseeder affect seed emergence?

With the rapid development of science and technology, hydroseeding machine come into China. Especially the rapid development of China's economy, some exposed slopes will bring a series of environmental problems, such as soil erosion, degradation and destruction of the food chain, mudslides and other geological disasters, this time the hydroseeding machine is particularly important.

seed emergence in hydroseeding machine

As an external spraying equipment, the hydroseeding machine is widely used, which can be used for the cultivation of paddy fields, lawns, trees and flowers, crop growth and other purposes. It can also be used for irrigation, fertilization, spraying pesticides and other daily maintenance and soil improvement work. It can also make seeds, spraying wood fibers, fertilizers, soil amendments, adhesives, moisturizers, yellow and red soil, clay, gravel soil and other organic hybrid differentiation. Different spraying machines can be used for various types of spraying greening projects, which can be described as very practical and convenient.

influence of hydroseeding machine

Three aspects of safety for hydroseeding machine.

First, the safety of the machinery itself, to prevent mechanical failure or accidental damage.

Second, the safety of the operator, in order to prevent the operator from being injured during operation.

Third, the safety of people around, to prevent injuries to people around in the mechanical operation.

What are the factors that affect the emergence of seeds after spraying with a hydroseeder?

Firstly, ignore the influence of light. Proper light after sowing can raise the soil temperature, induce seed germination especially the seed coat, and more importantly, break through the root system of dewy shoots. Therefore, from the sowing to the transplanting stage, should try to meet the needs of seed growth and light, light intensity is from dark to natural gradually diminishing faint light.

Secondly, seed germination rate is low due to inadequate seed treatment after spraying. Different seed treatments should adopt different methods. Soaking at room temperature 40°C, sowing after completion. Hard seeds should be soaked in 40°C hot water for about 48 hours, and then seeded in soil for 20 to 30 days. Some seeds need to be treated at low temperature for a period of time to promote post-ripening, germinate and break dormancy. Some have the characteristics of double dormancy of radicle and hypocotyl that radicle can break the dormancy period, from 1 to 2 months or 25 to 32 degrees.

Thirdly, unreasonable sowing date. The solid external skin or oiliness of large seeds are suitable for sowing in autumn. Pinelets are suitable for spring sowing. Seeds requiring high temperature germination should be sowed in time after maturity.

Different regions of the growth environment will have an impact on seed germination rate, we suggest that it can be used together with sprayed wood fiber. Southeast wood fiber has a strong water holding, water absorption function, can be very good fixed engineering added seeds, provide seed growth environment, so that seeds in non-destructive state rapid germination, growth. After understanding the factors that affect the emergence of seed after spraying, the effect of spraying with southeast wood fiber is better.

environmental factors on hydroseeding machine

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