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BW850 drilling mud pump

2019-09-17 17:42:40

BW850 drilling mud pump is a horizontal reciprocating double-cylinder double-acting type, used for geological drilling washing liquid (mud or water) into the drilling. The horizontal three-cylinder single action to the resuscitation plug pump. The drilling mud pump can choose the diesel power supply, simple operation, convenient, can achieve close or remote control. The mud pump is compact, running smoothly, high output pressure, long life, stable performance, good versatility and so on. The pump uses a car transmission to achieve six different displacements and pressures. Reasonable configuration parameters selection, construction process can meet different requirements. Mud pump is mainly used for 2000m drilling fluid core drilling coalfield geology, metallurgical geology, hydraulics, drilling fluid can use mud water, coal water and so on.

Drilling mud pump is a very important machine in drilling projects. Drilling mud pumps drill fluids, just like known mud, drill holes when drilling projects. The mud pump circulates the mud by pushing it down into the hole and then moving it up. There are different types of mud pumps, single-cylinder, two-cylinder and three-cylinder cylinders, four-cylinder mud pumps. The mud pump is a single-acting pump, so the fluid moves in only one direction. Three-cylinder drilling mud pumps are now widely used in different projects.

BW850 drilling mud pump for sale:

drilling mud pump

Most modern mud pumps are three-cylinder pumps with three cylinders. Diesel drilling mud pumps are equipped with diesel engines. It is therefore suitable for workplaces without electricity. For diesel engines, we usually use regular wood or similar brands. In addition, we also produce motor three-cylinder drilling mud pump and hydraulic motor three-cylinder drilling mud pump.

mud pump price

And used in different work site conditions. Diesel three-cylinder drilling mud pumps have been successfully used in the Philippines. The customer uses a machine that matches the drilling. BW150 diesel three-cylinder drilling mud pump, maximum flow of 150L / min, maximum pressure 7Mpa, suitable for small drilling projects. BW350/13 drilling mud pump, maximum flow of 350L/min, maximum pressure of 13Mpa, suitable for projects requiring high-pressure engineering. For mud pumps, the maximum flow we produce is 2180L/min.

drilling mud pump for sale

Drilling mud pump can be suitable for oil field drilling engineering. Gaode Equipment now has a BW series of three-cylinder mud pumps. Choose different flow and pressure. We can meet the flow and pressure requirements of different projects. High-value, high-performance drilling mud pumps are ready for your project. For more information on diesel engine three-cylinder drilling mud pumps and mud pump price, please feel free to email us at info@gaodetec.com.


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