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Drilling BW150 Mud Pump for sale

2022-09-19 14:53:33

The BW series Drilling Mud Pump is a horizontal reciprocating single-acting piston pump with two cylinder bores and four speeds. The displacement and hole depth can be adjusted at will according to the application. The maximum depth can be used with a 1500-meter drilling rig, and it can also be used for cement slurry injection. The Drilling Mud Pump has low energy consumption, flexible operation, high quality and durability, good decomposability, and easy relocation. This series of mud pumps has four flow rates and four pressures, with a wide range of flow and pressure variations, and can be used for drilling and dragging of different apertures. Slurry construction, etc.

Drilling Mud Pump for sale

BW series Mud Pump for Drilling has the advantages of multi-speed variable speed, energy saving, compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, durability, safe operation, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. This series of Mud Pumps for Drilling are mainly used for low and medium pressure grouting pumps for geological drilling, geological engineering construction and foundation treatment. Drilling Mud Pump has been widely used in geology, coal, construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, railway, water conservancy, petroleum and other industries in China.

Drilling Mud Pump manufacturers

The basic structure of BW series mud grouting pump is composed of two parts: the power section and the hydraulic end of the reciprocating pump:
The function of the power end of the BW series mud pump is to convert the rotary motion of the power machine into the linear reciprocating motion of the piston (or plunger). It includes a transmission clutch device, a speed reduction device and a crank connecting rod. Their mutual position and arrangement determine the overall structure of the pump, as well as the selection of the pump's drive scheme and structural scheme. The main components of the power end include pulley, clutch crankcase and its transmission shaft, gear pair, crankshaft, connecting rod and crosshead slider.

Drilling Mud Pump

The hydraulic end of the BW series 
Mud Pump for Drilling consists of a pump head body, a cylinder liner, a piston, a piston rod suction valve and a discharge valve, etc. Its function is to form the change of the liquid cylinder cavity through the reciprocating motion of the piston in the cylinder liner. Energy conversion to achieve suction and discharge of liquids.

Mud Pump for Drilling for sale

This series of crankcase oil pump is composed of two-pole gear transmission mechanism and crank connecting rod mechanism. The input shaft and output shaft of the crankcase are connected and transmitted through the tooth tong coupling. When the double speed change gears on the input shaft of the crankcase mesh with the corresponding gears on the crankshaft, the crankshaft can obtain two-speed speed, plus the four-speed speed change of the gearbox. A total of 8 speeds can be obtained on the crankshaft, realizing 8 speed changes. The hydraulic end is a straight-through structure, which is easy to manufacture and has high assembly accuracy.

Mud Pump for Drilling

The driving form of BW series Mud Pump for Drilling:
1. The main features of motor + continuously variable transmission: high speed regulation accuracy, large speed change range (speed ratio can be arbitrarily changed between 1:1.4-1:7), continuous operation, stable operation, stable performance and low noise , The torque is large, and the flow is steplessly adjustable. However, its speed needs to be adjusted manually, and the degree of automation is not high. The speed adjustment must be carried out during operation, and the speed adjustment handwheel cannot be turned when parking. It is not suitable for use in situations where it may be overloaded or blocked.
2. The main features of the motor + fixed ratio reducer: strong bearing capacity, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, simple transmission mode, but because of its constant speed ratio, it determines that the flow rate is not adjustable.
3. The main features of variable frequency motor + frequency converter: large torque, high speed regulation accuracy, stable operation, stable performance, can realize automatic adjustment of speed, ensure the arbitrary control of flow, and make up for the defect of the low degree of automation of the continuously variable transmission , the disadvantage is that the price of the inverter is higher.

Mud Pump for Drilling cases

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